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6 Time-Saving Ways To Focus On Your Relationship When You’re Both Busy

6 Time-Saving Ways To Focus On Your Relationship When You’re Both Busy

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You’re cramming for those exams, working on thesis papers, working as interns and reading countless chapters of BS textbooks. How could you ever find the time for your boyfriend/girlfriend?  Within the time frame of you and your “almost” spouse getting a foot in the door of professionalism, you both may have other priorities and stress-provoking deadlines that prevent the certain intimacy of a romantic relationship. Here are 6 time-saving ways to focus on your relationship when both of your schedules are packed!

6 time-saving ways to focus on your relationship when both of your schedules are packed!

1. Organization

To have a healthy relationship, you must be organized. Have all your scholarly and professional priorities in one basket and your love life in another. But do not have one outweigh the other. Make sure you and your beau write down every single due date and deadline on a calendar or in a place where you always check. When you have everything in it’s place, the jumbled chaos won’t be as bad. This will give you the time to be able to give and get the attention you want.

2. Grab Some Lunch Before You Go Go (back to work)

Totally try to get your lunch breaks at the same time if you’re both close by. That hour could mean a lot to both of you, and could be the highlight of your day. My boyfriend and I always get lunch, even if it’s only once a week!

3. Romance

This may sound cheesy, but romance the shit out of one another. It really works at keeping your relationship fiery and loving (I know from personal experience). Don’t let the conversation always be about how stressed you are or how much work you have to do. When you’re with one another, you’re babe should be your number one priority.

4. Make A Daily Itinerary

Rather than just write down due dates and deadlines, plan out when you will work, what days you’ll spend 8 hours at Starbucks or the library writing your paper, and the days you have free. This will give you a productive mindset and you’ll also look forward to the days you have off or the days you know you’ll see him/her.  

Long Distance: If you and your boy/girlfriend are hundreds of miles apart, schedule video chats. It’s extremely important to make time for one another even when you both have many things happening in your individual lives!

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5. Chivalry Is Still Alive And Well

Throughout the rough waters of adulting, giving and receiving gifts still make us get those fluttery butterflies in our tummies. An unexpected gift or letter really means so much more than just a “Good Morning” text, because it took time, effort and thought to either pick something out or to write an actual letter. Let’s be honest though, if you get a tiny something in the mail (no matter the cost), it makes you feel loved and important.

6. Talk As Much As You Can

Text, and if you can’t text, instant messengers are the best. If you’re both writing papers, it’s super cute to have a message pop up on your browser from them saying they miss you. This goes hand in hand with my first point. If you have everything in order, and know when everything is due, you can give yourself a couple of breaks where you respond to your hunny. Conversation is key. You can go a day without talking, but anything more is too much. They should be on your mind, even if only for a little bit, every day.

What ways do you make your relationship work when you’re both busy AF!? Share in the comments below!

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