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Fly In Style By Recreating One Of These Cute And Comfy Travel Outfits

Travel outfits can be really hard to put together if you’re trying to look cute but also be comfortable. If you’re traveling somewhere sometime soon, here are some outfits to recreate so you can strut your stuff in the airport.

A Very Autumnal Look

Traveling to school or home this fall? This is a great casual look for you to recreate so you can fly in style. If you’re getting off the plane and headed straight to see friends or family, this is a great look to try! The t-shirt will make sure you’re comfortable and the oversized cardigan will keep you warm and double as a cozy blanket. The colors are so totally autumnal and perfect for a casual look. Plus, by wearing the booties you want to take home you’re saving room in your suitcase for all the cute new clothes you’ll probably buy when you’re reunited with your high school friends. Or, if you’re headed to college, it means you can pack that extra pair of shoes you wanted to pack but definitely don’t need. I can relate. Recreate this look with a striped shirt, an oversized caramel or orange cardigan, and your favorite pair of booties and jeans. If you prefer, you could totally swap the jeans for leggings for a more casual travel outfit.

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A Chic Look For The Fashionable Traveler

If you want to look super chic while traveling, this is the look for you! Yes, you’ll be in sweatpants, but tell me this isn’t the perfect look for those of us who are more fashionable! The black and white make this sophisticated but you’ll surely be comfy on the plane in the sweatpants and cozy turtleneck. If you’re going to be on a longer flight but still want to dress to impress, try recreating this look. Just think, by simply adding a red lip you could rock this look right off the plane! If you wanted to, you could also totally add some color with your shoes or by choosing a top with color in the stripes. This travel outfit would be easy and cheap to recreate but will make you the most fashionable girl on your flight!

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A Cozy Look To Keep Warm On The Plane

If you (like me) tend to get cold on planes, this is the perfect look for you! From the long-sleeved black t-shirt to the cream shall to the sweater to the jeans, you’re sure to be cozy on your flight even if the people you’re sitting next to are blasting the air. Plus, the more layers you wear the more room you’ll have in your suitcase! And the more layers you wear, the more control you have over your body temperature. The cheetah print on the scarf is so totally on-trend and perfect for fall, and the shall so easily be used as a blanket or rolled up and used as a pillow. Again, if it’s more your style you could definitely switch the jeans for leggings. If you have them, a pair of burgundy leggings would look so cute with this outfit! If you’re really looking to dress it down, you could also switch the booties for some cute sneakers to make all the walking you’ll do in the airport a little less painful.

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A Casual Look To Look Cool But Stay Comfortable

All of the outfits I’ve talked about so far are pretty stylish and put together and that’s totally not everyone’s travel style. Some of us (namely, me) like to dress down more when we fly. Enter this outfit! If you’re a little more on the edgy side or just want to be super casual, this travel outfit is a great one for you to give a try. The ripped jeans are casual but definitely more comfortable considering the knees in skinny jeans don’t have that much give, and who doesn’t want to wear trainers to the airport? The jacket will keep you warm on the flight and if you wear it then it’s not taking up room in your bag! The basic white t-shirt matching the white sneakers is iconic and an easy way to pull an outfit together. As with all these outfits, you could totally switch the jeans for leggings, and with this outfit, you’d really get the same effect if you did so!

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A Versatile Look To Stay Cool Outside But Not Freeze On The Plane

If you’re traveling to/from a warm climate or even both, you probably don’t want to wear tons of layers or jeans. If this is the case, you might want to try layering your clothes up top like this so you can stay warm on the flight but cool when you reach your destination. If you wear a cardigan like this one on the flight, you could take it off and use it as a blanket, especially if you’re wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Even when you’re headed somewhere warm, it’s always good to have a sweater or cardigan with you in case your hotel is super air-conditioned or you end up going to the movies or something. Plus, you could totally use it as a pillow on the flight! I also love the tote bag she’s carrying because it’s the perfect size for traveling. You could totally fit a tablet or e-reader in there, plus a magazine, snack, and any toiletries you’ll have to take out of your bag when you go through security. And when you get where you’re going you could fit your sweater in there, too!

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A Comfy Look For Longer Flights

Flying all the way across the country for school? Heading abroad for a super fun trip or to study abroad? Really hate flying and want to be as comfortable as possible on the flight? Try recreating this outfit. The sweatshirt will keep you warm and cozy, the basic t-shirt won’t be constricting and will still look cute if you take the sweatshirt off, and the leggings are super cute with the zip detail on the ankle but definitely more appropriate for a long haul flight than jeans. And of course, this outfit’s paired with sneakers, because as much as I love the look of booties I totally realize they’re not necessarily what you want to wear traveling when you have to walk so much. The best thing about this look? You probably own everything you need to pull it together!

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A Comfy Look That’s A Little More Polished

Last but not least, an outfit that combines more casual elements with the more fashionable ones. You’ll be so comfortable in grey sweatpants but the oversized distressed sweater is more fashionable than a sweatshirt. The sneakers are casual but the fact that they’re Adidas makes them chicer (though of course, you could wear whatever sneakers you like!). If you’re really going for it, the hat really pulls together the look and adds a chic touch. And as soon as you get on the flight you can take it off so you can be comfy.

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If you recreate any of these looks on your next flight, let me know in the comments how it goes! Or just let me know what you usually wear when you fly so I can get some more inspiration.

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