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Flowers That Are A Must Have For Your Garden

Flowers are the perfect way to accent your garden. Spring might be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plant some new flowers in your yard or prepare for next year. Here is our list of must-have flowers for your garden!


Marigolds make the perfect accessory to your garden because their presence alone can summon positive energy. Marigold’s come in three different shades: orange, yellow and red, which is why these are the perfect flowers to keep in your yard all year long. Flowers such as these don’t require much maintenance – just position the Marigold in the sunshine and water them moderately.


Lavender is known for its purple hue and wonderful scent, but did you know that this flower can act as a mosquito repellent? Summertime is the perfect time to bring Lavender into your garden because it tends to prosper in warmer weather. You shouldn’t plant Lavender in your garden if you live in a wet or moist location, so instead bring the Lavender indoors. Lavender makes the perfect indoor plant, filling your house with its wonderful aroma.


Daylilies are the most popular flower during springtime, making them very easy to find. These flowers don’t require much care and maintenance, so this flower might just be the one for you. Daylilies are a very loyal flower; they can last you many years. As for location and temperature, Daylilies can thrive in both cold and warm weather conditions. The only downside to this flower is that their blooming period is very short. If you do decide to bring Daylilies or any kind of Lily into your garden, just know that these flowers are toxic to cats.


Hydrangea are technically considered a shrub, but they are too majestic not to mention. The blooming period for Hydrangea is spring and summer, so it’s best to plant them in early spring. When planting Hydrangea’s in your yard, you will want to make sure that they have enough room to grow, as they can sprout up to 15ft tall; you will also want to place Hydrangea’s where they will receive enough sunny mornings and shady afternoons. Hydrangea are showstoppers, so don’t hesitate to add these beauties to your yard.


If you are hoping to attract more butterflies and hummingbirds into your garden, then Lantana are the perfect flowers to plant. Lantana are usually planted in the spring and summer because they prefer the warm temperatures. Lantana flowers come in a variety of colors and can be placed beyond the bed of the garden; people will often place the Lantana in a hanging basket. In order to keep this flower year-round, you will want to put it into a pot or a container, that way you can easily bring it indoors during the winter.

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The Bougainvillea is an eye-catching flower that you will want in your garden. Often, you will see this flower in a purple-pink shade, but established Bougainvillea’s change color with the season. Bougainvillea prefer a temperate location, where they won’t freeze their leaves off. It doesn’t take much to maintain these beautiful flowers, but a deep watering every three weeks is required to keep these flowers happy.


Bring the tropics to your garden this summer, by planting some Hibiscus. This flower can flourish for years on end. as long as you water it (especially during the blooming stage) and place it in 60-90- degree weather. Although this tropical flower enjoys the warm weather, it’s best to supply the flower with some shade for those hot summer days that are bound to occur. Hibiscus’ are not to be planted in cold locations, because they will simply not survive; so, during the winter you will have to bring it inside.

Do you have any of these flowers in your garden, if so, which ones are your favorite? If you have any flower recommendations, please let us know in the comments.

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