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Florida State Food- On Campus Eating Ranked

Florida State Food- On Campus Eating Ranked

It can be difficult choosing where to eat on campus, with so many different options and price ranges to choose from. As a senior at Florida State, I like to think that I have enough experience eating on campus to share my opinions with you. Here are all of the on-campus eating options at FSU, ranked.

1. Chick Fil A

My personal favorite on-campus place to grub is no other than, the beloved Chick Fil A. With there fresh, high-quality ingredients and signature Chick Fil A sauce, it’s really difficult to not enjoy a meal here. Whether you get the classic chicken sandwich, a grilled sandwich, a fresh salad, or my personal favorite- the breakfast biscuit, you’ll be sure to find something you love at Chick Fil A. The on-campus Chick Fil A is no different- the food is just as fresh, and the service is also top-notch. Located by the William-Johnston building, Chick Fil A is a prime choice for a filling, delicious, and fast meal. My only concern is that this location doesn’t serve iced coffee, but the hot coffee is a pretty good substitute. If you’re getting breakfast though, be sure to stop by early to avoid the 10AM rush.

2. 4 Rivers Smokehouse

Next on my list is a place that originated in Florida and serves true Texas-style barbeque, 4 Rivers Smokehouse. The 4 Rivers on-campus location is close by to Chick Fil A, on Honors Way. 4 Rivers is a bit more expensive, but it is definitely worth it. Their pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches paired with their signature sweet barbeque sauce will have you licking your lips after every bite! Nothing compares to the flavors and quality of food served at 4 Rivers. They also have different southern side dishes such as cornbread, green beans, fried okra, baked beans, and baked mac n cheese. Best of all, your food is usually ready in good timing and the customer service is great. If you’re looking for a hearty, true, southern barbeque meal, be sure to stop by FSU’s on-campus 4 rivers.


3. Einstein Bagel Brothers

Third on the list, Einstein Bagel Brothers. This bagel shop sells an assortment of warm, fresh and yummy bagels as well as coffee. Nothing compares to stopping by Einstein on a cold morning for a warm, toasted egg and cheese bagel, paired with a hot coffee or latte. Einstein is one of those places you can’t go wrong with, it may not be the best or most filling breakfast you’ve ever had, but it’s a pretty good one. They also tend to have your food ready pretty quickly, so don’t worry about having enough time to stop by. I’ve also heard that their lunch options are pretty good if you’re looking for a mid-day meal. Best of all, Einstein at FSU is located conveniently on Wildwood Drive.

4. The Den by Denny’s

Essentially an on-campus Denny’s, you can’t expect a 5-star meal, but you will get a decent amount of food for what you do pay. The Den is the perfect on-campus, late-night meal at a reasonable price. They have a range of things on the menu, including pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, burgers, sandwiches and more. The Den is located in the midst of campus and right across from the dorms, Dorman and Diviney, so you will find plenty of freshmen here, especially between the hours of 12-3am. But this is because The Den is one of the few places at Florida State where you can find a decent breakfast at any hour, and still for a low cost. If you’re on a budget in general, the burgers here are pretty good as well as the breakfast items. With that being said, the Den is not a place where you should take someone on a date, but it is a place where you will make lasting memories at 1am.

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5. Steak n Shake

A close second to the Den, and a newer edition on campus- Steak n Shake. The on-campus Steak n Shake is pretty much the same as what you would expect from any other location- delicious milkshakes, salty french fries, chicken fingers, and burgers. If you haven’t tried a milkshake from here though, that is definitely something to look into. With that being said, the Florida State Steak n Shake is a pretty good on-campus eating option if you are looking to spend minimal money and have a hearty meal. The only reason it’s ranked lower on my list is for the awkward location. The on-campus Steak n Shake is located next to the Woodward garage, making it kind of inconvenient to stop by between classes or to walk to in the midst of traffic. But still, you can’t go wrong with a classic meal from Steak n Shake.

6. Suwannee Room and Seminole Cafe

Lastly, the on-campus dining halls- Suwannee and Seminole Cafe. Although they are last on my list, I will admit that the on-campus dining halls have improved immensely since I was a freshman. Not only is the physical cafeteria more welcoming and modern, but the range of food choices are much fresher and more appealing. Both of these dining halls offer a wide selection of food, including pizza, salad bars, sandwich stations, cookies, and so much more. While this is ranked last on my list, you can still find a decent meal at either dining hall. Personally, I would stop by many other places before eating here, but if you’re living in a dorm with a meal plan- you’ll be sure to find something decent at either Suwannee or Seminole Cafe. Suwanee Room is located in the heart of campus, on Honors Way. And Seminole Cafe is located on the other side of campus, on West Call Street.

One of the best parts of attending a large university is, there are so many dining options available on campus. While these are only my top picks, there are even more places in which you can find food on-campus. Whether you choose to stop at Chick fil A, Einstein Bros, or 4 Rivers, any of these restaurants will surely leave you feeling satisfied.

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