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15 Flirty Ways To Style Low Rise Jeans

The 2000s are making a wicked comeback and I don’t see anyone complaining! Style icons like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears used to rock the low-rise jeans style, and you’re about to do the same. Confidence will be your best friend with these looks, so buckle up and enjoy! Here are super flirty ways to style your low-rise jeans. 

1. Cowboy Boots For The Win

Let’s kick off this rodeo of fashion choices and styles with the ultimate western flex. Cowboy boots are a gem to find at your local thrift store or a quick snag through a google search. Style a sparkly pair of boots with your low-rise jeans tucked in, for a flirty, fun look.

2. Chain Belt And Crop Top

Dare to be a wild child with this next look. Switch things up from a classic black belt and add a chain belt instead. A crop top to show off some skin will have everyone wondering, “Who are they?” If you don’t have a cropped turtle neck sweater handy, any cropped sweater does the trick.

3. Bikini Top Over Baby Tee

Summer all year round with this Y2K aesthetic style get-up. Grab a basic tee and layer with a bikini top. Low rise jeans match perfectly with converse to really give that 2000s inspired feel. A bikini top over a t-shirt will give you a boost of confidence while trying a look you have never tried before!

4. Bandana For Your Top

If you want to keep it more on the simple side, here is the perfect option–a bandana top! This look will still give you a fun, flirty look with showing some skin but keeping it simple in terms of adventurous fashion choices. This look is also easy on your pockets–bandanas are super affordable at your local craft store.

5. Bucket Hat And Sweater

Can we make bucket hats cool again? The answer is yes, with this stylish fit. The sag of your low-rise jeans and the pizzazz of a bucket hat, will have you looking fresh off the runway. Choose a hat with a bold pattern for a statement look. Pair this with a plain black sweater to balance out the outfit. Accessorize as you please with bracelets and sparkly eye makeup.

6. Varsity Football Style Jacket With Bralette Top

Go, team! Anyone? Varsity-style jackets are totally the coolest combo when it comes to creating looks with low-rise jeans. Now, this could very well be the flirtiest look we discuss today… leave the jacket unbuttoned and style with a lacy bralette for a top for that extra scandalous look. Show off that beautiful belly as the low-rise jeans leave extra space to show off what you got!

7. Denim On Denim

Wear a look Britney and Justin circa 2001 red carpet would be proud of. Are you bold enough to rock out with denim on denim like Bella Hadid? Are you a rock star, a biker, or a red carpet icon with this look? The answer is all of the above. Dress it up or dress it down, how fancy your denim is up to you. Your local thrift store is a great place to find trendy denim for cheap. 

8. Corset Top

Corset tops are all the rage on social media nowadays. The tight hugging material shows off your curves in all the right places. Add a shoelace as a belt with your jeans to give the look a snug fit. Add wedges to this iconic look and you will look fresh off the streets of SoHo, with this streetwear style swag. 

9. Halter Top And Layered Jewelry

Another 2000s inspired look that gives Paris Hilton vibes with this halter top and layered jewelry. Go for a pink halter top if you wanna be #twins with Paris! Layering necklaces with a halter top can look a tiny bit awkward, because of where the fabric rests around your neck. Saying this, bracelets are the way to go! Forever 21 has great options for bracelets that won’t hurt the bank.

10. Layer! Add A Dress Over Your Jeans

Another iconic layering option. This time, you are layering over your jeans! A dress over your jeans will be serving Vivienne Westwood energy, a punk-rock princess dream. A plaid dress or a bold pattern is the way to go, which leaves you the creative freedom to style your outfit around it.

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11. Band Tee

This style is still keeping it flirty while giving a laid-back cool vibe. Days where you don’t have a lot of energy to plan a detailed fit or just wanna keep it chill, rep your favorite band tee and over-sized flannel. Hot Topic is your place to go, to find an awesome band tee and flannel combo. Pair this with your denim galore, you will look like the coolest kid(or adult) on the block.

12. Beret Hat Paired With Leopard Print

Bonjour, baby! Time to get out your beret hat. Feeling flirty? French-inspired looks are perfect for your low-rise jeans dreams. Animal print is the ultimate flirty fabric. Dress it up or dress it down depending if you go for a leopard print crop top or long sleeve. Can you see it now? Low rise jeans, leopard print, and a beret hat… didn’t know we were taking a day trip to Paris!

13. Chunky Knit Sweater With Beanie

This option is for all the flirty folks living in more winter climate environments. Keep in mind you don’t have to be living in a cooler climate to step out in this look–break it out in the winter months. The option in mind is a chunky knit sweater and beanie! This combo with your low-rise jeans is the perfect way to incorporate the 2000s style into your winter wardrobe.

14. Tube Top

This look is inspired by our childhood icon, Ashley Tisdale. As you see in the picture below, Ashley used to strut her stuff on the red carpet, years ago, wearing similar styles. A tube top is absolutely to die for! Once again, show off your beautiful belly and look stylish in this 2000s vibe outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your patterns!

15. DIY–Get Out The Paint

End this with a bang! DIY style icon. This flirty option to style your low-rise jeans does require a trip to the craft store. Here is what you’ll need–plenty of colorful paint, paintbrushes/sponges, stencils of your choosing, and a fierce imagination. I recommend doing this project outside, so no carpet is destroyed with paint in the process of your creativity.  Layout your favorite jeans and DIY patterns and words across your denim. Let your imagination run wild as you create your flirty, denim look. 

Are you ready to step out into the world in these 15 flirty ways to style your low-rise jeans? My favorite look has to be the cowboy boots, or maybe the corset top combo… too many options to pick from! What look will you be stepping out in? Let us know in the comments!

Lee Giffen

Lee Giffen is a NYC and Honolulu based Journalist and Makeup Artist! She has a passion for inspiring others through her art and writing. You can often find Lee somewhere in Barnes&Noble reading fashion magazines!

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