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15 Flirty Signs She is Interested In You

15 Flirty Signs She is Interested In You

Can't tell if the girl you are interested in is interested in you? Here are 15 flirty signs that will help you decode her behavior.

If you’re wondering if she’s interested in you or not but are unable to decode it, don’t worry – here are 20 flirty signs to help you decode if she’s interested.

1. Conversation.

If she seems excited about talking to you. If she does, it’s a likely sign that she’s into you! But, if she keeps looking around or keeps checking her phone – that’s a obvious flirty sign that she is NOT interested in you at all.

2. Eye Contact.

If you catch her checking you out frequently or if she looks directly into your eyes and holds that gaze a little longer than usual, that’s a sign that she is considering you more than just a friend!

3. PDA.

If you’ve just met the girl this is a clear sign, because most people do not have open body language around strangers.

4. Body Language.

These might include: Leaning towards you during conversations. Playfully fondling with jewelry or hair. Smiling and showing teeth. Looking down shyly.

5. Asking Personal Questions.

If she spends a good amount of time trying to get to know you better, it’s a really good sign that she likes you, because no woman would waste time trying to find out what your favorite color is, what your favorite food for diner is, etc, etc…unless she’s into you.

6. Texting You.

99% of the female population has a need to communicate, sometimes to a point that annoys the s*** out of you, but if a girl texts or calls you out of the blue frequently, you can bet that’s a good sign that she’s into you. Also, it’s important to know that women don’t just give out their phone numbers to any random guys they meet. So, if she’s the one giving you her number you can take it as a sign that she’s more than likely interested!

7. Nervousness.

More common in younger girls. When they are speaking with someone they are attracted to. Look out for: fidgeting, blushing, stuttering, etc…

8. Proximity Signs.

Girls who are interested in you will do anything they can to get near you. Who wouldn’t want to be near someone they liked? Right?

9. Re-initiating Conversations.

Most conversations naturally meet a dead end. If she continues the conversation, it means she enjoys your company and wants you to continue being around her.

10. Physicality.

Girls who are interested in you will gravitate towards where you are in hopes that you will interact with them. This mainly applies in larger social situations.

11. Excuses to Hang Out.

Any suggestion that would get you near her. For example: studying together, shopping, going to a party. Fancy tricks girls sometimes use: pretend helplessness; so take note if she asks you to help her out with things she could’ve honestly done by herself. This is a huge flirty sign!

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12. Physical Contact.

Touching is the most powerful way to flirt. She’s touching you because she’s into you. You don’t touch someone you’re not comfortable with. But the type of touch matters (only get hugs → friend).

13. Yes Factor.

This when the girl says YES to your suggestions. Whether it be when you ask her to go to a party with you, or to go to a diner after the club. If she’s agreeing to your suggestions she’s being compliant with you and your actions. Couldn’t be any more obvious of a flirty sign.

14. She hints that she’s single.


19. She’ll amp up her appearance. Definitely a flirty sign.

Most women will spruce up their appearance when they like a guy, and this behavior can apply to anyone.

15. She Flirts With You.

While this is a pretty obvious sign, sometimes flirting can be mistaken for kindness.

I hope this article provide some value for you; keep in mind that the signs above do not apply to everyone.

Can you think of any other flirty signs that hint she’s into you?! Comment below!
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