15 Flawless First Date Outfits You Need To Try

A first date is all about the first impression, so you have to wear the perfect outfit that not only shows your personality but also makes you look great. If you’re trying to figure out what to wear, here are 15 flawless first date outfits you need to try!

1. Denim Button Down

Button downs are usually professional, but the denim brings it back down to the casual level, which is great for a first date. Pair this shirt with pants that aren’t denim so you can have some variation in your outfit. Depending on where your first date is, you can pair this outfit with heels or sneakers and you’ll look great either way!

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2. T-Shirt Dress

This is another example of a great casual first date look. It shows that you’re a low-key person who likes to have fun. Pair it with sneakers and this is a great sporty outfit for an outdoor date. This style of dress is really flattering so you’ll definitely look cute when you show up!

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3. Body Suit With High Waisted Jeans

This is a sexier first date look that’s perfect for an evening date at a bar or a restaurant. You can wear jeans or jean shorts with this look depending on the temperatures to stay comfortable. Pairing a bodysuit with high waisted jeans is so flattering and you’ll look amazing!

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4. Leopard Print Dress

This is a super trendy first date look that also invokes the feeling of fun. It’s not too over the top, so you’ll look sexy and chic at the same time. Leopard print will show your date that you’re not afraid to be bold and you’ll look super fashionable at the same time!

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5. Velvet Pants

This first date outfit will have all eyes on you. Velvet pants are a trendy statement that’s also super comfortable. You’ll look original and your date will know that you stand out from the crowd with your style and your personality!

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6. Off The Shoulder Top

Wearing an off the shoulder top shows some skin to give you the perfect amount of sex appeal. You can pair it with jeans or a skirt depending on what your go-to style is. To complete the look, wear a dainty necklace to draw more attention to your collar bones.

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7. Floral Babydoll Dress

A babydoll dress is already such a flattering look, but the floral print brings out more of your femininity, which is perfect for a first date! This look is sweet and cute, which will show your date your great personality!

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8. Leather Pants

If you have an edgier style, you need to show it off on your first date! Leather pants will make you look like a sexy badass without showing any skin. You can pair a lot of tops with leather pants like sweaters, bodysuits, or flowing shirts and you’ll look great!

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9. Overalls Dress

This is a cute and down to earth outfit that is great for a casual first date. The overall dress is easier to wear than normal overalls and the options for styling are endless. Wearing a dark long sleeved shirt underneath will provide the most contrast and pull together your whole look.

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10. Black And White Polka Dot Maxi Dress

Polka dots are a classic and elegant look that’s perfect for making a first impression. Polka dots are an unusual pattern for a maxi dress, so this is an original twist on the classic look. Choosing black and white for the colors of this dress allows you to accessorize easily and the contrast looks great on everyone!

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11. Lace White Top

This look is carefree and light, which will bring a flawless attitude to your first date. You’ll look super pretty in the lace detail and feel fashionable at the same time. A lace white top can be paired with jeans for a more casual date or dressed up with a pencil skirt and heels for a night time look.

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12. Pastel Pink and Grey Plaid

You’ll be channeling the fashion energy of Elle Woods with this look. The soft pink contrasting with the grey plaid is so chic and perfect for anyone with a feminine sense of style. The plaid skirt is classic, but you can pair it with plaid pants and have the same look.

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13. Lace Up Mini Skirt

This is another great clothing option for anyone who has an edgy sense of style. The lace up details make it sexy without it being scandalous. You can wear this with so many different tops depending on where your date is, so you can dress it up with a body suit or make it casual with a t-shirt.

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14. Cropped Sweater With High Waisted Pants

This is a casual and cute first date look that will show that you’re down to earth. The high waisted jeans and crop top combination makes your waist look small, which will look so flattering on you. This look is simple, but you can add accessories to make it your own!

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15. Patterned Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is another super flattering first date look that is great for summer or outdoor dates. Wearing a patterned dress allows you to express some personality while looking sexy at the same time. Also, there are so many ways to style this outfit so your options are endless!

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Which look are you going to try for your next first date? Let us know in the comments below!

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