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8 Flattering Lipstick Shades for All Complexions

8 Flattering Lipstick Shades for All Complexions

Makeup as we all know is a hot commodity in these streets these days! With that being said, a perfect lip is essential to completing the over all look. Finding a perfect shade can be a task in itself. Its alot of science that goes behind makeup that most people don’t know. We all have different under tones, skin types, and other factors that play a role in the makeup that works for us. This is no different with lipsticks that we choose to wear. I know for me matte is not always the way to go due to my dry lips! There are few matte shades that works for me. In the same aspect, choosing a correct color for your lips is just as crucial.

We all have different under tones right? So what will work for you may not work for someone else necessarily. Its all a big hunt to find the perfect color that suits your skin complexion and can work with various looks. This is daunting if you don’t know where to start, you don’t know about lip liners and their magic or you just don’t have luck in makeup hunting. Have no fear! I’m here to give a list of lipsticks you can’t go wrong with!

Ruby Woo (M.A.C)

This color is a staple, classic, in a league all on its own and so much more! This a classic red lipstick with under tones that suit every skin tone! As a dark skinned woman, finding the perfect red that looks good on me was hard. I remember my big cousin telling me about this color. I just purchased it this past year and its one of my favs! It is worth the hype! This red isn’t too loud or too somber, it literally is perfect! It goes well with outfits that are neutral or black, it takes it to that classic level.

Sable (NYX)

Nyx lip lingerie are some of the best lip products that you use. Sable is a nude color that pairs together with all skin tones! It has a peach under tone but for the most part it is neutral. The fact that it is neutral is what makes it perfect for all skin tones. For my darker toned girls, a lip liner will do us just fine! It does not have that ashy effect like some of these other nudes give. They also carry a gloss version that is a staple. The gloss version is comfortable and very pigmented. It goes good over any lip combo!

Velvet Teddy (M.A.C)

This is another nude, in fact probably the best on this list. We all know MAC have some of the best lipsticks around and Teddy is no different. This nude is perfect for all skin tones and pairs so good with any eye look. This is a true neutral nude that has a matte finish without feeling drying. It leaves your lips feeling comfortable and pigmented! I will advise using a dark brown lip liner like Cork by M.A.C. It is the ultimate combo!

Mehr (M.A.C)

Okay, be prepared to see alot of MAC on this list! It is not my fault that all their lip products are so good. They are a big makeup company so they catered to a wide audience. That explains why majority of their shades are universal. Mehr is a pinky-mauve color that is so flesh like its crazy. It is the color of natural pink lips. This color is perfect for a simple look or even just on its own with no makeup! It is a matte finish but its so comfortable to wear and applying a clear top coat with boost it with some shine!

Politely Pink (M.A.C)

This color right here! It is a shimmer lipsticks with a frost like shine. What I do love about this shimmer is that it isn’t too shiny. Some shiny lipsticks are unflattering and most likely isn’t universal because of the amount of pigment in it. This one is a light brush of pink on your lips with a slight shimmer that compliments your look. It also has a nice feel, your lips feel dehydrated and looks great too!

See Also

Makeout Break (Fenty)

This color is a shimmery nude that will compliment any and I MEAN ANY skin tone. Brown and nudes are a great purchase for anyone who wears makeup. This lipstick is a great start for a makeup kit. This also goes good with the neutral color aesthetic that is popular. Fenty is known to have a wide range of products that cater to a huge audience and this lipstick is one of the best universal shades.

Dusty Rose (ABH)

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a world renowned brand that has some of the best beauty products known to man. Their lipsticks are some of the best luxurious products on the market. Dust Rose is a mauve color with a beautiful cool under tone. Mauve is a universal color on its own, so as a lip product it is a staple. This can a grunge look or you can do a light layer. You can apply a darker liner to get that 90s pouty grunge that has made a comeback! It is one of the best colors for any season and skin tone!

Hot Pink (ABH)

This pink color is so beautiful OMG! This is the ultimate summer shade for all skin tones. It is your barbie hot pink that is bold and extremely feminine! Doing a simple makeup look and pairing it with this lipstick is idea. This is going to be the highlight of your whole outfit. If you need a spark of energy or some UMMPHH to your outfit use this color! I love using bold colors when I’m wearing neutral or simple clothes. The wear is incredible because it stays on through the storm and all the talking us girls do! Get this color to brighten up your makeup collection.

What color do you currently own? Wgphich npbrand have you tried? Are you going to purchase any of these lipsticks? Let us know in the comments.

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