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Flattering Jean Rises For Your Bomb Body Type

Flattering Jean Rises For Your Bomb Body Type

Flattering Jean Rises For Your Bomb Body Type

Flattering jean rises can make or break the comfort and look of an outfit. This article will help you find a jean rise that perfectly flatters your body!

High-waisted/High-rise Jeans

This jean rise is by far the most popularly worn rise in today’s society! They can be are seen in every store in so many different styles and can flatter every¬†frame of the body out there. Most choose to purchase high-rise jeans based on their ability to hug, shape, and lift their figure. High-waisted jeans are also found to stay up and be a bit more practical overall. They are expected to reach the middle of your belly button or go above your belly button. They are perfect for all tops, and they help bring a polished look to any outfit.

High-rise jeans are flattering jean rises that make everyone’s shape look 10x more bomb. I would always suggest to look out for a boyfriend or stretchier type of high-waisted jean just to ensure comfortability and impeccable fit. Try a high-rise pair of pants in any style, pattern, or make and watch how you fall in love!


Mid-rise Jean

The mid-rise jean is the second most worn rise. Mid-rise jeans are not typically as comfortable as high-rise jeans, but still are grouped under flattering jean rises. This rise is found to lay right below your belly button, so they will be more likely to fall down when you sit or bend, which makes it very important for you to buy a mid-rise jean that fits your body and curves well.

This is also a rise that compliments all body types. Mid-rise jeans are excellent for those who want to accentuate their booty and hips because it will lift and show off your lower body more due to the midsection of the jean being shorter. The elongated back is nonexistent, unlike the high-rise, this means less focus is brought to your back ad more to your curves. The girls who are smaller, petite, or thicker will find that mid-rise pair of jeans can meet the standard of an overall good jean.

Again, if you are looking to getting a pair of mid-rise jeans, please make sure they fit nicely. For jeans to produce the desired statement, they must lay and sit well on your body. Extremely tight jeans are not the way to go! Always invest in jeans that compliment your shape and ones that unpleasantly press on your body.

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Low-rise Jean

The low-rise jeans aren’t typically associated with flattering jean rises, but they were very popular in the 90s- early 2000s and have found their way to become less and less prevalent. Despite many people’s dislike for this rise, they are a great statement piece! With some confidence, anyone can bring this look back into everyday life!

Low rise jeans are stylish, seemingly effortless, and a confidence booster when worn correctly. The cons of this rise have been that they will fall down on a regular throughout the day, so be ready to be pulling and tugging on your pants when out wearing them. However, do not let the irritation of tugging on low-rise jeans keep you from getting a pair!


This rise flatters smaller framed people due to how low the jean will sit. They are seen to sit right on the top of your hips, making them less practical and enjoyable for most.

Which of these flattering jean rises are you rocking this season? Let us know in the comments down below!

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