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15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Balayage Hair Color Ideas, 15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Now that salons are finally opening up in some areas, it is time for a new do. If you are definitely needing a new style to brighten up your brunette shade, these fifteen balayage hair color ideas are the perfect place to start looking!

There is a big mix in these, but you will see a lot of balayage hair color ideas with blonde highlights. Blonde is a very popular color to match with the brunette hair color as it is very contrasting, but you can decide on the shade of the blonde and how much it is highlighted in your hair. This way, you can have very minimal blonde or a lot of it. 

So, there are a couple of different blonde balayage hair color ideas that showcase different shading and amount of the blonde highlights. I also go over tons of other colors as well, like pink, purple, and even blue! Brighten up your days with a new do style that will make you feel ten times better.

1. Contrasted Blonded

The first one up is a blonde balayage hair color idea. These blonde highlights are very contrasted from the darker brown of the hair. The highlights are minimal towards the top of the head but spread out more evenly at the bottom. This gives it an almost ombre look but you are not getting a full blonde on the bottom. Even though both colors are very contrasted, they make each other pop. If you are not looking for something super wild, but something that does stand out a bit more, this is a great idea to try out! 

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes


If you are looking for something that stands out more, try out this blue balayage hair color idea. This light blue is very calming and has a lovely tint of silver within it. This balayage turns almost into an ombre towards the bottom but some of that brunette hair sticks out still. 

The blue does grow darker towards the bottom which is definitely something you can control by telling the hairdresser what shade of blue you are looking for. By making the blue darker on the bottom, it draws the focus there which might make your hair look like it is being weighed down. Just something to think about with that much color pooled at the bottom. 
15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

3. Purple

With balayage hair color ideas, it is sometimes good to go with one that is more even, like this purple balayage hair color idea. It wraps around the whole hair and is pretty even from top to bottom. There is a nice blending between this shade of purple and the darker brown color of the hair. There is a more natural tint to this purple so it isn’t super bold but bold enough to make you feel like new. 

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

4. Auburn 

With a dark brown color of hair, a great balayage hair color idea would be auburn. Brown colors mix really well with warmer colors such as orange, yellow, and red. So going with a more red and orange tint will really bring out your brunette hair. 

These highlights stay low to the bottom so that they do not drown out the brunette color. They are actually kind of subtle but they pop out just enough to give a great balance of those warm colors and the brown. 

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

5. Silver White

The silver-white balayage look will definitely give you the wow factor as it is very contrasting to the brunette shades. With that in mind, make the highlights as heavy as possible so that only a minimal amount of brown is showing like the picture below. Too much brown showing can make the hair-coloring look odd. 

The brown actually pokes through quite a bit still in this photo, creating that highlighted look still. There is an even amount of the brown poking out that doesn’t give all the power to the silver-white. The silver-white color is like jumping into a cold pool on a hot day. It is shocking at first but becomes quite calming after a minute or two.

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

6. Minimal Blonde

Another blonde balayage hair color idea heading your way! This one is very minimal on the blonde and really brings out the darkness of the brown. It is definitely more natural-looking as the highlighted strands do go up higher on the head. There is a nice framing of the face as the blonde is a little more bright towards the front. The brown sticks through all the way to the bottom, again, giving it a more natural look.  

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

7. Red Tint 

Yes, this hair is almost black, but it mixes very well with that red tint. It is more vibrant towards the bottom of the hair while staying more subtle at the top. With darker colors, reds are the perfect color to mix it with. These highlights not only have a red tint, but a purple one comes out a little as well. It isn’t enough to make the style look odd, each color balancing the others out nicely. 

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

8. Orangey-Purple

Balayage hair color ideas are always so much more fun when there are more than two colors! This balayage hair color idea combines the brunette hair with orange and purple highlights. It is not overwhelming at all and the highlights cascade down the hair nicely. Because the purple and brown are so close in shade, the purple is just subtle enough to bring out that orange just that much more! 

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

9. Lighter Brown on Dark Brown

If you are looking for balayage hair color ideas that go as subtle as possible, lighter brown highlights on darker brown hair are your best option! These colors together make the hairstyle look as natural as possible while still giving you that balayage look. Have the hairdresser spread out the highlights evenly so that it makes it that much more subtle. 

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

10. Blonde on Light Brown 

More blonde balayage hair color ideas?? I know, I told you there were going to be a couple. This one is a little different as the shading of the brown is much lighter. The large amount of blonde highlights throughout the hair actually lighten the brown up even more. So, if you are going for a light color, then this is a great option! 

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

11. Pink 

This metallic pink is so bright, it is almost a little shocking. Which isn’t bad! It does contrast heavily with the brunette shade, so this balayage hair color idea might go better with lighter brown hair. However, if you are looking for that wow factor, this is a great option!

The highlights grow heavier as they move towards the bottom giving it that ombre look. The brown does poke out closer to the top, but not a ton. What a great color for the summertime!

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15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

12. Orange 

If you are a brunette that has a hint of red throughout your hair, an orangey balayage hair color idea might work really well for you. This orange isn’t super orange as it is more of an orangey blonde. But with the darker brunette shade that has a hint of red throughout, that orange makes those red strands pop a lot more. 

These highlights are pretty scattered throughout the hair which gives it a more natural look. It isn’t super heavy in places which is very flattering and creates a softer look that is contrasted with that brighter color of orangey-blonde. 

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

13. Rose Gold 

Rose gold is one of the prettiest balayage hair color ideas in my opinion. There is a wonderful blending between that shimmery pink gold and the brunette hair color. These highlights pop and take up most of the hair color on the head. However, there is still some brunette that comes out throughout the highlights. The great thing about this rose gold balayage hair color idea is that the blonde-gold tint really brings the pink and brown together nicely. The metallic highlight colors are very cool when it comes to hairstyles.


15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

14. Blonde Bangs

Another blonde balayage idea, however, these highlights focus around the face. This balayage highlight is very subtle but having them around the face brings focus to your face. If you can see, there are very light strands of blonde throughout the rest of the hair lower to the bottom. This way, the focus isn’t taken away from the bangs but gives it a more natural look as it is spread out across the hair. 

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

15. Blonde on Dark Brown 

Now for the final balayage hair color idea and our last blonde balayage highlights. I am wrapping this up with a full circle and as you can see this is a blonde balayage on very dark brown hair. With this hairstyle, you do not have much if any blonde towards the top of the head, and it all pools in the bottom with some strands that go up higher.

This balayage hair color idea works so nicely because it shows up in almost a V shape on the hair. The highlights go up higher closer to the face and are lower towards the middle of the hair. It matches with the V cut of the hair and makes it stand out just a little more. 

15 Flattering Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Which one of these Bayalage hair color ideas is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below. If you do go and get your hair done, post a picture as well. We would love to see it!

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