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Five Must Have Dorm Essentials

Aside from the necessaries such as toiletries, food, electronics, and clothes, there are five items that would be considered “Must Have Dorm Room Essentials”. It would be a long semester if you were to forget these:

Essential #1: Bedding

Imagine going to college, getting into your room, and realizing you having nothing but a rock solid bare mattress? Don’t forget to bring your bedding to college! Although the end of summer and spring can get hot, winters can be cold so you’ll want sheets as well as some type of blanket. Don’t forget a pillow either! The bedding is important, but a foam pad can be just as important. Sometimes dorm beds can be very uncomfortable, the best solution is getting a foam pad. You’ll be able to sleep much easier with one of these!

Essential #2: Storage Materials

College rooms are a lot smaller than you’d think, especially when you’re sharing with someone else. The best way to keep your stuff from cluttering your room is by getting storage materials. Some great storage items are plastic bins and little baskets. Plastic bins come in all sizes – so you can stack them in your closet or get them small enough to hide under your bed. Little baskets are also great because they can hold many smaller items (like a brush, straightener, and hair dryer) all in one bin rather than scattered on your desk or dresser. Storage materials aren’t just great for keeping your room organized but also for making sure you don’t mix up your things for your roommates!

Essential #3: Cleaning Supplies

There are so many cleaning supply items, which ones are important for your dorm? If there is one cleaning supply item that can be considered most important it is disinfecting wipes. The great thing about disinfecting wipes is that not only will they get rid of germs, but they will also just clean up a dusty surface. These wipes become very important during the winter when everyone is sick and when the flu doesn’t stop going around. I know you’re thinking “I’ll just wash my hands more and avoid those people”, but in such a small building with so many people, it’s tough to avoid getting sick. However, you can help by making sure not only your hands are clean but your room surfaces too.

Essential #4: Laundry Bag

Whether it’s a bag or a basket, you’ll need something to put your dirty laundry in. At home it was always easy to just take your laundry to your laundry area. However, college dorms don’t have washer and dryers for each room, so you’ll need a place to keep your laundry until it builds up enough to wash. Also having a laundry bag for your dirty clothes will guarantee keeping them away from the clean ones.

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Essential #5: Fan

If there is no air conditioning in your room, a fan is completely necessary. Most freshman dorms do not have air conditioning, so fans are the way to go. It doesn’t matter if you go to school up North or down South, when you first get to school dorm rooms can be very very hot and a fan will not only be wanted but very very needed.




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