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Five Movies To Get You Through Self Isolation

With the end of self isolation nowhere in sight, it’s easy to become discouraged or fall into a routine- even with something like movies! But rest easy. There are always new and amazing films to discover, and this time of solitude might prove to be the perfect excuse to discover some of these new gems and get you back into the swing of productive movie watching!

1.  Booksmart

This Olivia Wilde soon-to-be teenage classic has all the elements of a feel-good quarantine film. Watch in awe as Kaitlin Dever and Beanie Feldstein put on the performances of a lifetime, making you both laugh and cry with their ridiculous high schooler antics. With not enough female led and directed films out there, it’s important to give brilliant movies like this time and attention. It focuses around academic overachievers Molly and Amy, who are determined to have one last monumental night of partying before their otherwise uneventful high school career comes to an end. For lovers of coming-of-age and raunchy comedies alike, Booksmart, with it’s top notch writing, costumes, and performances from the entire ensemble, is sure to provide the much needed emotional outlet during times of extreme uncertainty. The soundtrack alone is sure to brighten up your day, and give you a long list of songs to come back to and jam out to as you tidy up your bedroom. Booksmart can be streamed with a paid subscription on hulu, or is available for rent or buy on most other streaming platforms. 

2. Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse

Having originally seen nearly two years ago now, this animated feature still always seems to pleasantly surprise me more and more with every rewatch. The comic book style of animation that was basically uncharted territory at the time of its creatio, now proves likely to become the new norm for all superhero-style movies. I’m not one for being too invested in the Marvel universe as a whole, but this film’s fresh take on Peter Parker’s origin story is too good to not be drawn in. It’s genuinely funny as well as heartfelt and well-written, and doesn’t require any prior backstory knowlege (which was a huge relief for me!). With their grade A cast, as well as a bunch of hilarous hidden cameos from the least expected of actors, this movie is a perfect watch for the whole family, and will have you up, motivated, and ready to swing from the buildings any day. Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse can be streamed on Netflix with a paid subscription, or is available for rent or buy on most other streaming platforms. 

3. 500 Days of Summer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschannel lead us into the world of broken down love, and show us the details and intricacies of a relationship that’s now grown stale. By taking both an optimistic and pessimistic look at the same relationship throughout the course of 500 days togehter, the audience is able to really decide for themselves whether something can truly be fate, or is just a temporary story in someone’s long life. The soundtrack, led by Regina Spektor and The Smiths, is essential to the plotline of the movie, and really makes the entire viewing experience a whole lot brighter- more worthwhile. Despite the storyline being slightly cynical at times, the storybook layout of the film provies familiarity and comfort for all who watch it. Whether it’s your first time delving into the world of Summer and Tom, or you decided it’s time to rediscover their passion (and eventual falling out), this film is sure to provide you with a much needed hand to hold through these tough summerless times. 500 Days of Summer is available to rent or buy on most streaming platforms. 

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Endless days indoors due to self-isolation calls for the most highly anticipated of the movie marathons: the John Hughes films. Feel free to dive as deeply into the world of Hughes films, and watch an 80’s classic per day! Just be sure not to forget about the truancy king of cool: Ferris Bueller. Let young Matthew Broderick bring you some chaotic sanity with his catchphrases and classic quotes, far too creative solutions and schemes to get away from his principal, and all around wit and charm. Having Ferris Bueller lead you through the crowded streets of Chicago on a day long adventure will have you remembering the sweet moments of when we could all go outside and the streets were filled with madness. Call up your best friends and set up a time to watch the movie together, and you’re sure to find that bit of normalcy you need to get you through the day. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off can be found on Netflix with a paid subscription, and is available to rent and buy on most other streaming platforms. 

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5. Little Miss Sunshine

I must admit I’m biased to reccomending this film, as it’s one of my all-time favorites, and has certainly been a huge aid in getting me through the tougher parts of self-isolation. Little Miss Sunshine finds the perfect balance between hilarity and tragedy, and is led straight into our hearts through it’s brilliant script and equally as brilliant delivery. We’re currently living in a time where we’re all locked away for weeks on end with our families, and only interact with the same people on a daily basis. This can really be unsettling and frustrating for a lot of people, so it’s important to find pieces of media that reflect the image of a dysfunctional family at it’s peak. Little Miss Sunshine does this perfectly, and brings us along a wild road trip filled with tears and epiphanies. If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch this magnificent film, do yourself a huge favor and set aside some time to give it a go. Your heart will be warmer than it’s ever been and you’ll really be able to step back and appreciate the people you love. Little Miss Sunshine is can be streamed on hulu with a paid subscription, or is available for rent or buy on most other streaming platforms.

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