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Five Easy Steps to Making Your Own Nail Polish!

There are so many colors and shades of nail polish in the makeup world, but wouldn’t it be cool to create your own color? This awesome do-it-yourself project will show you how to make your own unique nail polish! What you’ll need: eyeshadow, funnel (or an envelope to make one), clear nail polish, glitter (only if wanted), and steel ball bearings.

Step 1: Eyeshadow

step 1

Find an eyeshadow in the color you want your nail polish. This can be a new shade bought from the store or one you’ve had laying around at home.

Step 2: Crush the Eyeshadow

Crush the eyeshadow if necessary. If the eyeshadow is already a loose powder it isn’t necessary to crush, but the solid blocks need to be crushed before you can use them. To crush your eyeshadow: place the eyeshadow in a plastic food bag and crush with a rolling pin until it is a fine powder with no lumps remaining. These lumps will show up in the final product and make the polish look messy if they’re not crushed.

Step 3: Funnel into Clear Nail Polish

Make a tiny funnel by snipping off a corner of an envelope or use a small funnel if you have one already. Open the bottle of clear nail polish and position the funnel over the top. Pour the eyeshadow and any glitter you want to add into the nail polish bottle, using the funnel.

Step 4: Steel Ball Bearings & Mix

Add a couple (2-3) small steel bearings to the bottle. These make it quicker and easier to mix the nail polish. You can also add glitter to this mixture for a fun new color. Then shake the bottle until the color has fully mixed in.

Step 5: Your Unique Nail Polish

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Once the eyeshadow has been mixed in well, your unique nail polish is complete! Use away!

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