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Fitness Youtubers To Watch For Your Next At Home Workout

We all have our reasons as to why we choose not to go to the gym. It can be expensive, intimidating, or maybe your current gym is closed due to the pandemic. Whatever the reason is, we can still exercise and get fit in the comfort of our own homes, thanks to all of the different fitness YouTubers out there. Keep reading for our recommendations for the best fitness YouTubers!


MadFit, or Maddie, one of the many fitness YouTubers out there, has over six million subscribers on YouTube. She posts vides where you can workout along side her. On her channel, you can find dancing workouts, core, full body, yoga, arms, low impact, and pretty much everything imaginable.

She has a playlist of workouts that are apartment friendly, as well as 30 day workout plans for you to follow.


If you like to dance, you definitely need to check out our next fitness YouTubers account. Emkfit, also known as Emily, created a workout known as HIIT Hops, or the Emk HIIT, and those are the majority of workouts on her page. These HIITS are 20-30 minute long workouts where Emily follows a tabata style routine, with twenty seconds on and a ten second rest.

She teaches fun dance moves that are sure to get you sweating. Each video has a particular theme and her music choices are always on point. You can find Disney, High School Musical, Grease, One Direction, Ariana Grande, Glee, you name it. I guarantee you will see a theme that catches your eye.

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif’s page is similar to MadFit’s in the sense that she has videos for many different types of workouts. Her videos get straight to the workout, so make sure you are prepared when you click on it. Pamela does the workout with you, so if you are ever unsure of how to do a certain move, you can watch how she does it first.

You can find workouts anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, so even if you are on a time crunch, she has got you covered.


POPSUGAR Fitness features several different fitness YouTubers on their channel. They offer boxing workouts, various forms of cardio, yoga, barre, strength, low impact, and so many others.

Their page has a ton of playlists, so you can easily find the workout you are searching for. One of my personal favorites is their 600 calories in 60 minute video. It is super tiring but you will feel great after!

Lilly Sabri

Lilly Sabri is a chartered physiotherapist, pilates instructor, and fitness/lifestyle influencer. She has over three million subscribers on YouTube and has hundreds of videos on her channel.

Lilly’s channel is full of guides and challenges. If you go to her playlists, you can find summer shreds, 14 day workouts, boot camps, and so much more.

Fitness Blender

If you are looking to do a longer workout, you should check out Fitness Blender’s YouTube channel. Fitness Blender is run by fitness YouTubers Daniel and Kelli, who are husband and wife, and they feature other instructors on their channel as well. There are over six hundred videos to choose from. You can find lower and upper body, stretching, strength, HIITS, and so many others. They have a 1000 calorie cardio workout video posted, as well as several 30 minute and hour long videos.

Chloe Ting

If you did any at home workouts during quarantine in 2020, you probably stumbled across Chloe Ting’s channel at one point or another. She has over 21 million subscribers! Chloe posts a lot of different workout videos, but her most popular ones are her core workouts.

She is well known for her two weeks shreds, and this is what a lot of people did during quarantine! They are super challenging, and you will definitely feel the burn after you complete them.

Kyra Pro

Similar to a few of the other fitness YouTubers, Kyra posts a ton of dancing workouts. They honestly do not even feel like a real workout because they are so entertaining. She has themed dance videos, such as Harry Styles, Hamilton, 90’s, Rap, and so many others. She also posts shorter dance videos, that go through one entire song. I guarantee that you will have fun doing these videos!

See Also

Bailey Brown

Bailey Brown posts short workout videos that are targeted to work on a particular part of your body. These are perfect for when you are in a time crunch, but still want to spend a little bit of time exercising. Not to mention, Bailey’s videos are very aesthetically pleasing. Her often films herself doing the workout on the beach.

Naomi Kong

Naomi’s videos are very informative. She uses a lot of equipment in her videos, so if you have an at home gym, you should definitely check her out. Naomi also has a few videos where she goes into detail about how to use specific pieces of equipment at the gym. If you ever feel intimidated or you are not sure how to use things at the gym, watch her videos!


Cassey Ho, the woman who created Blogilates, has been on YouTube for over a decade creating workout videos. She is a certified personal trainer and also a pilates instructor. Most of Cassey’s videos require no equipment, which is always a plus.

She is fun, motivational, and knowledgeable, so her videos are always my go-to.

Leslie Sansone

If you are looking for a lower impact workout, or just looking to get your heart rate up a little bit, I highly recommend Leslie Sansone’s videos. She is the founder of the “Walk at Home” program. All of Leslie’s videos involve walking, some are several miles, walking with weights or bands, or have other elements of fitness mixed in.

They may seem easy at first, but trust me, you will be working up a sweat a few minutes in.

Which fitness YouTubers are you looking forward to checking out? Did we miss anybody that you would recommend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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