15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

For fitness trends and anyone health crazed, this is the article for you. Working out and staying on top of fitness doesn’t have to be a daunting task, here are 15 fitness trends everyone is talking about this Spring! Of course, self-care is essential, but not all self-care is obvious: nourish and fuel your body’s habits with these fitness trends. Whether you are trying to tone up, stay in shape, or slim down, we’ve got you covered all things fitness.

15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

1. Yoga 

For so many of us living on the East Coast, we don’t really get a Spring. Living in New England means rainy, cold temperatures in the 40s (maybe 50s) until at least the end of May. That can certainly limit your ability to workout outdoors, but it doesn’t have to. Yoga is an essential practice that aids in stress relief, muscle relaxation, and overall health of your body. The plus side of yoga, it can be done anywhere, inside or outside. One of my favorite yoga trends is Bikram yoga, also known as ‘hot yoga’, where you sweat out a lot of toxins and burn up to a thousand calories. 

15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

2. Running Apps For Smartphones 

Not everyone is a fan of running – and that is OK. However, if you find yourself looking forward to that 3, 4, or even 5 miles run before or after work, try free apps easily downloaded to your smartphone. A few favorite apps are, “Map My Run”, “RunKeeper”, or “5K Runner: Couch to 5k Trainer”. These apps can be used for different things, but usually, its to track speed, performance, and distance. They’ll become your best friend this Spring season. 

15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

3. Meat Lovers Paradise 

One of the fitness trends for this Spring 2019 is called the carnivore diet. This may not be for everyone, but research is recommending filling up on high-quality steak, and other lean meats post-workout. This diet entails eating animal products and zero carbs. That’s the goal. Keep it a top-secret from the vegans! 

4. Workout With A Group 

Working out doesn’t need to be a dreaded, prolonged, and highly avoided task. It can be made fun! An easy way to get motivated is by starting a consistent workout regime with friends, co-workers, neighbors, or family! It’s harder to say no when someone (or a group of people) is holding you to that 5 PM plan of jogging around the block. For me personally, this is a reality. My boyfriend and I made it a pact to go for a run around his neighborhood after work! 

15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

5. Ice, Ice, Baby 

Drinking an ice-cold glass of water has been proven to burn more calories, increase energy, boost the immune system, and relieve any pain. This spring, fill that water bottle to the top with ice and drink up. Besides, who doesn’t love ice-cold water after their workout? 

15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

6. Exercise Is Medicine 

EIM is a new approach in the United States that urges primary care doctors to elaborate on the physical and mental benefits of exercise, as well as make it nearly a requirement per doctor’s visit. Many of us are tied down with the hustle of the 9-5 grind, that we neglect our physical health. EIM is a 2020 technique to combat the excuse. 

7. High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT 

A form of interval training, HIIT, entails high-intensity workouts for shorter periods of time. A fairly newer technique, but the results have been a HIT! (Yes, pun intended.) 

8. Certified Health Professionals 

One of the trends for this Spring that will ensure you get a great workout is following closely alongside a health professional. These can be easily accessed for free, in the comfort of your own home, with any cable provider. Many TV programs offer health videos that teach and train ranging from glute workouts, pregnancy yoga, workouts for beginners, (etc.) 

9. Peloton Bike 

OK, OK, this one I know you’ve all seen advertised on TV, and by word of mouth. The Peloton bike is valued at over a grand, and because of this, it is paired with an intense live training while you pedal. You’ll be sure to reach your workout goals with this trend. 

15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

10. Food Diary 

This may be something you have heard about in the past, but nonetheless, it is a classic. Food journals or food diaries are excellent ways to track your food and calorie intake. If you don’t have time to sit down each day and jot down what you have consumed, not to worry! It’s 2020, and you can simply use your phone or computer. 

15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

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11. Stick To The Colors 

I’m sure you all have heard, “eat like a rainbow”. Well, that statement holds much truth. Getting in your daily intake of fruits and vegetables is much more beneficial than just clean eating. Green, leafy vegetables provide nourishment as well as protect you from getting sick. 

15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

12. Try A Sunset Run 

Ah, sunset runs. If you’re anything like me, you crave the sunshine on your skin while running. Running is a full-body workout, and this spring rethink how you run. The sunsets in the spring on average between 6:30 and 8:00 PM, depending on where you live. To enhance the natural effects of runners high, try this by the beach. 

15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

13. Fruit Infused Water 

This trend has been ongoing for quite a few years now, and for good reason. The benefits found in lemon water alone, include digestion health, improvement in skin, increase hydration, and aids in weight loss. Fill up that water bottle with every fruit inside, as it acts as a natural source of hydration, cucumber, and watermelon specifically. 

15 Fitness Trends Everyone Is Talking About This Spring

14. Take Advantage Of Technology 

I think we all can agree that technology has come along way. The Fitbit, and apple watch are perfect examples, both are great tools and accessories to take advantage of during your workout this Spring. 

15. Zumba 

Zumba is no new concept, however, it comes with lots of benefits. Tricking your mind into thinking that your dancing, not working out, may just work! 

For these fitness trends, rethink your workout! I hope you enjoyed reading, and please comment below which one you will be trying this Spring!

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