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10 Fitness Routines You Need To Try This Fall

Just because sweater weather is here, does not mean that all the hard work you put into your summer body has gone to waste! It is much easier to maintain the body you have with a little planning and dedication than to start from scratch again. By simply finding new workout routines you enjoy, you can continue your healthy lifestyle into the cooler months!

Here are some fall fitness routines you should try for yourself!

1. Just Get Moving

There is no need to overcomplicate fitness routines! Somedays you might not have the energy to go out and do something inside or outside your home can be equally effective exercise as a workout at the gym. Of course, you will be utilizing different muscle groups than you would during a traditional workout, but you can still burn so many calories! Even if you are not in the mood to leave for a workout, feel free to deep clean your space, or do some work outside to burn some calories and improve the overall look of where you live.

2. Yoga In The Park

Enjoy the cool weather while you can! There are lots of different opportunities to participate in group fitness routines during the fall time. You can find postings on different Facebook, other social media groups, flyers, and more! Whether you choose to join a group or do it on your own, you cannot go wrong with exercising outside to get some fresh air.

3. Hiking On New Trails

Love it or hate it, hiking is a great way to get in some cardio with an amazing view! Most parks have multiple hiking trails so you can always change things up. Who said fall fitness routines had to be boring? Invite a friend or two and make a day of it! It is always more enjoyable to work out with others who will push you to go even further than you thought you could.

4. Try Recreational Sports

Outdoor sports are always a great option for utilizing the beautiful weather before it turns too cold! No one said you had to be amazing at sports, but sometimes trying something new can be a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Plus, you will get to meet so many people in the process! The more variety your add to your fitness routines the more strength and endurance you will have when it comes to your usual workouts.

5. Outdoor Running Trails

If running on asphalt is not for you, try hitting the trails instead. While running on rough terrain might not be better for your feet and ankles, you can opt for more grassy trails! It might take some time before you find the trail that’s perfect for you but once you find it, you will want to run outside no matter the weather. As always, the outdoors always make for better photo opportunities if you want content for your social media!

6. Ride A Bike

No matter where you choose to ride, this workout is perfect for almost anyone! Biking can easily fit in all fitness routines as the main focus or a great way to get in cardio after an intense weight workout. One of the main reasons why this is an amazing form of exercise is because you can go at your own pace and difficulty! Whether you are on a stationary bike in your gym or riding around outdoors, you can easily adjust your speed and how hard you want to work going up those hills.

7. Walk Your Dog

Our furry friends are supposed to be walked much more frequently than we probably walk them anyway, so why not knock off two things on your to-do list and take a leisurely walk with your dog? If you are feeling up to a run, your pup will definitely enjoy the change of pace! It might take some time for you two to adjust to each other’s preferred pace but soon you both will be adjusted in no time. Whether you want to get into a new routine or just use walking your dog as a way to get yourself moving, you can’t go wrong!

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8. Group Fitness Classes

If you are looking for new fitness routines but don’t know where to start, these are the way to go! Not only are there endless options, but you can find some at the perfect fitness level for you. So if you are brand-new to all things fitness or are a seasoned professional, there is a class that designed with you in mind! Plus, you will find that it is easier to push yourself to keep up with a group than if you were working out alone.

9. Go Kayaking In New Bodies Of Water

Regardless of what your relationship is with murky water, you have to admit that kayaking always comes with the best views! Whether you kayak frequently or are brand new to this type of exercise, all you have to do while kayaking in cooler weather is layer up. Grab a couple of friends and make a day of it! It can be an expensive element in your future fitness routines but if you can afford it, you are guaranteed to love it.

10. Use Your Gym Membership

While this might sound obvious, you would be surprised at how many people pay for a membership every month that they never use. Grab your keys, drive to the gym, and head inside! Don’t be afraid to head over to the weights section, the cardio machines, or whatever it is you enjoy doing and go for it. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to try your best! Find some group classes or try personal training if you are not sure where to start your fitness regime. There is no shame in starting with the basics or keeping things simple!

Which of these fitness routines will you try this fall? Comment your favorites below!

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