5 Fitness Planners For The Journey To A Better You

Working out and getting into fitness doesn’t just make you look good, but helps you feel the best you possibly can! Having a planner can help to set a schedule and routine for you to follow and stay on top of during a hectic schedule. It is always important to set time aside to focus on you and these planners are sure to help. These are the 5 must-have fitness planners you need right now!

Fitness planners are the perfect ways to start working out!

1. GymPad Mini

This fitness journal is a popular product of Gympad Fitness for several reasons! Whether you choose from the variety of colors, GymPad mini is perfect as it is convenient-sized. This journal is a guide for tracking personal progress and achieving fitness goals with bonuses and extras such as monitoring nutrition stats.  It includes water resistant pages, daily motivational quotes, and you even have access to more than just the included 100 workout templates and exercise ideas to rev up that heart rate!

Fitness planners are the perfect way to start working out!

2. Fit book

The fitlosophy collection is perfect for obsessing over fitness. Now you can fearlessly embark on your version of the ideal fitness journey for the first time. All jokes aside, these gorgeous journals make a great gift for any time of the year, if you are deeply concerned about your roommate, or those dear to your circle of life. Each fitness journal is designed with programs ranging from 12 weeks to including food logs.

Fitness planners are the perfect way to start working out!

3. Moleskine

The Wellness Passion Journal is tailored for those that LOVE to plan and practice till your health is perfect. Tackle your fitness fun with this hardcover passion series diary. At 240 pages, it’s the ultimate place for your inner voice to speak onto paper and separate your thoughts with ribbon bookmarks.

Fitness planners are the perfect way to start working out!

4. Diet & Fitness Journal

Powerhouse press guru Peter Pauper has created a popular diet and fitness journal for you and your fitness partner(s) to enjoy! A plus side to this journal is that it is extremely portable, perfect for college students!

Fitness planners are the perfect way to start working out!

5. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

This classy and creative brand helps to identify our strengths and weaknesses in health and fitness.  Made with a watercolor cover, each wellness log comes with colorful pages where it is easy to record pages for each meal you want to make note of to the amount of water you wish to intake.  Special features include watching your heart rate and maintaining a healthy weight by measuring your body.

Fitness planners are the perfect way to start working out!



If you or someone you know has wanted to really get into fitness, this is a great place to start. They provide motivation and can really help to keep you on track!

Do you have any other fitness planners that you love to use?! Share in the comments below!

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