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8 Fitness Instagrammers To Motivate You To Hit The Gym

8 Fitness Instagrammers To Motivate You To Hit The Gym

If you’re wanting to hit the gym, whether it to be as a last-minute chance to get that summer bod, or just simply because you want to be fitter, or perhaps to help with your mental health, whatever it is, we’ve got an Instagram account for you to follow to help keep you motivated!

1. @chessiekingg / Chessie King

Chessie’s Instagram absolutely screams positivity and motivation, so if you’re really looking for someone to change your mentality and really get you enjoying fitness for all the right reasons, Chessie can certainly help you do that. Chessie is all about going to the gym to be healthy rather than simply focusing on appearances, so if you’re someone that is wanting to hit the gym just to be fitter and healthier, she’ll be ideal for you!

2. @gracebeverley / Grace Beverley

If Grace’s booty doesn’t make you want to scooty on down to the gym and get squatting, then I seriously don’t know what will! Although she’s currently off travelling the world so her fitness content might be a bit sporadic if you check out her story highlights you will find hundreds of helpful videos helping you with workout ideas and motivating you to get out and go get fit!

8 Fitness Instagrammers To Motivate You To Hit The Gym

3. @fittolift / Holly

Holly is a smaller Instagrammer in comparison to the two above, but she’s all about the motivation on her Instagram stories. As a personal trainer, she’s full of all the right tips for smashing your workouts and she also wears some of the best looking gym gear, so if her amazing body or great gym tips don’t motivate you, her cute gym outfits definitely will!

4. @davidlaid / David Laid

If you’re a lad looking for some gym motivation, David will definitely give you some serious motivation. At only 21 years old, his figure will seriously inspire you to get lifting some weights with his unbelievable arms. You’ll be able to tell from David’s Instagram that he is very dedicated to the gym, so having him al over your timeline is sure to motivate you to hit the gym.

5. @em.fitnessuk / Em

Not only is Em great to follow as she posts some really fantastic workouts on her Instagram page, but she’s also extremely funny and real in her Instagram stories. She’ll get you fit and she’ll get you laughing at the same time – so she’s definitely someone worth having on your Instagram feed.

8 Fitness Instagrammers To Motivate You To Hit The Gym

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6. @lydsfitness_ / Lydia

If you’re looking for someone with a physique to aspire to, Lydia will give you just that. Seeing her posts on my Instagram feed always make me wanna jump off the sofa and get doing some lunges and sit-ups because her figure is just amazing. So, if you’re looking for someone to follow as a goal, she could definitely be the one!

7. @healthychefsteph / Steph Elswood

Not only is Steph great as a goal body to aspire to, but she also is great for meal and gym motivation and inspiration! She’s well worth a follow for her positivity and upbeat energetic attitude as well, so go give Steph a follow for sure!

8. @zannavandijk / Zanna Van Dijk

If you’re more of a tall and super skinny type and looking for someone similar in body type to you, Zanna is definitely the one! Having recently undergone major surgery, she managed to completely build her strength back up in a few months so Zanna certainly knows what she’s doing! She’s very open about dealing with her surgery in regards to fitness and is very real about dealing with body image, so if that’s something you’re looking for, she’s definitely worth checking out!

8 Fitness Instagrammers To Motivate You To Hit The Gym

So, hopefully at least one of these Instagrammers will be up your street and can help to motivate you to go hit the gym! Let us know in the comments below if you have a favourite Instagrammer that always motivates you.

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