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15 Fitness Influencers You Need To Start Following ASAP

15 Fitness Influencers You Need To Start Following ASAP

Whether you’re looking to get in shape or just get some exposure to active lifestyles, fitness influencers are excellent resources for providing motivation and offering free workout routines, videos, and dieting information that can help you reach your personal lifestyle goals.

We all could use some exercise tips—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when gyms are closed and home exercise spaces are limited. Check out the following list of 15 fitness influencers you need to start following ASAP to get those invaluable health and fitness resources!

1. Kelsey Wells

Kelsey Wells is an American personal trainer who offers a paid 52-week fitness program called PWR At Home. She also posts free at-home workout videos and healthy recipes for all her followers and subscribers to try. Kelsey’s website promotes her fitness program and includes a personal blog where you can learn more about her lifestyle and figure out which exercises are best for you.


Highly motivational and totally relatable, Kelsey is definitely one of the fitness influencers you need  showing up on your timeline as often as possible. Check out Kelsey’s YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram @kelseywells to keep up with her posts!  

2. Natacha Oceane

Natacha Oceane is a personal trainer and entrepreneur from the UK who specializes in high-intensity interval training (HIIT). On her website, Natacha offers fitness guides, recipe guides, exercise equipment, and athletic attire for purchase. She also frequently posts free instructional workout videos on Instagram @natacha.oceane and on her YouTube channel. Many of her home workouts can be executed with absolutely no equipment at all, which is ideal for those of us who don’t have access to a home gym!


Natacha has a bubbly and personable presence that will encourage you to get up and move even on your darkest—and laziest—days.

3. Maddie Lymburner

Maddie Lymburner, an American motivational vegan chef and fitness influencer, focuses her outreach approach on healthy eating, mindfulness, and being active. Maddie promotes the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and offers her very own plant-based cookbooks for purchase on her website.


Follow Maddie on Instagram @maddielymburner and check out her YouTube channel for dozens of videos of all the plant-based meals she eats to stay fit, healthy, and content as well as several exercise videos where she invites you to work out alongside her!

4. Lilly Sabri

Licensed physiotherapist and founder of the fitness program Lean With Lilly, Lilly Sabri is a highly qualified, educated, and enthusiastic fitness influencer from the UK who teaches fitness boot camps in London and Dubai. In addition to her paid program, Lilly’s YouTube channel features many free home workouts and diet tips to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


Check out Lilly’s blog and Instagram page @lillysabri for tips on exercising, dieting, traveling, and more!

5. Bully Juice

Darryl Williams Jr., known to his followers as Bully Juice, is an American Air Force airman and fitness influencer who offers free workout videos, fitness routines, tips, and diet advice on his YouTube channel and Instagram page @bullyjuice. A dedicated husband, father, and countryman, Bully Juice is extremely down to earth and knowledgeable!


This fitness influencer offers videos that range in intensity, so there are plenty of options to choose from when looking for videos to try. 

6. Vicky Justiz

Vicky Justiz is an American personal trainer who is a great resource for beginners because she often dedicates instructional videos to teaching her followers and subscribers how to execute basic exercises with proper form. Vicky’s YouTube channel is full of at-home workout videos and diet tips, whereas her website offers fitness guides, workout programs, supplements, and more for purchase.


Follow her on Instagram @vickyjustizfitness for great fitness hacks and motivational posts!

7. Hayley Madigan

One of the most unique fitness influencers out there today, Hayley Madigan is an online women’s health coach from the UK who founded Together Fitness and Flexi-Life. She promotes body positivity by showing off her own imperfections and encouraging others to embrace theirs, which has captured the hearts and trust of her many followers.


In addition to promoting body positivity, Hayley offers follow-along exercise videos as well as nutritional guidance on her YouTube Channel and Instagram page @hayleymadiganfitness. If you need a daily reminder about just how perfect you are in your own skin, then following Hayley is an absolute must!

8. Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is an Asian-Australian online trainer and entrepreneur who encourages her followers and subscribers to get in shape by hosting frequent challenges on her YouTube channel and engaging with her fans regularly. Chloe also specializes in HIIT, and her website features free workout programs and resistance bands for purchase.


Like Hayley Madigan, Chloe Ting discourages women from comparing their bodies to others and encourages us to embrace the hormonal changes that affect our bodies on a consistent basis. Follow her on Instagram @chloe_t ASAP!

9. Adriene Mishler

An international yoga instructor, writer, actress, and entrepreneur from Texas, Adriene Mishler is your go-to online yoga guru who offers free yoga videos, free vegetarian recipes, athletic attire for purchase, and more on her personal website and her YouTube channel.


Adriene’s soothing voice and calm presence will make you feel perfectly at peace as you maneuver this wonderful art alongside her, and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @adrienelouise for further guidance and motivation!

10. Caroline Girvan

Caroline Girvan is a certified trainer and professional athlete from the UK who has reached millions of viewers in less than half a year on YouTube! Her exercise videos vary in difficulty, technique, and length, and all are easy to follow as well as expertly put together. Caroline takes a a few moments before each video to explain what each workout is focusing on, how to properly warm up, and tips for executing each maneuver as ideally as possible.

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Follow her on Instagram @carolinegirvan for daily motivation!


11. Brittne Babe

Certified fitness instructor Brittne Babe has a huge presence in the online health and fitness world! Brittne is from New Jersey and offers several affordable fitness programs on her website as well as videos that offer free nutritional advice to all her followers and subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

Follow her Instagram page @brittnebabe for free instructional videos, nutritional guidance, and endless motivation!


12. Jordan Yeoh

Jordan Yeoh, a certified trainer and full-time dad from Malaysia, is humble, relatable, and extremely inspiring! He offers free exercise videos that vary in intensity and difficulty on his YouTube channel. Jordan takes a humble approach to motivating others to try their hardest regardless of how their bodies look compared to others! His website offers paid meal plans and various fitness programs.

Follow Jordan’s Instagram page @jordanyeohfitness for motivational posts and instructional videos!


13. Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is a German model, food blogger, and fitness enthusiast who offers free exercise and stretching videos on her YouTube channel. In addition to her fitness Instagram account @pamela_rf, Pamela has another Instagram page @pamgoesnuts, which is dedicated entirely to food! 

14. Emi Wong

Emi Wong is a Canadian fitness influencer who offers motivational videos, travel advice, and free exercise videos on her YouTube channel and Instagram page @emiwong_. In addition to offering her expertise, Emi posts videos that detail her favorite activewear brands, her favorite recipes, and before/after results from her followers and subscribers!


15. Kassandra Reinhardt

More commonly known as Yoga With Kassandra, Kassandra Reinhardt is a Canadian yoga instructor and published author who teaches a free 7-day yin yoga immersion program! Extremely personable and engaged with her followers and subscribers, Kassandra posts free videos on yoga, meditation, stretching, and herself on her YouTube channel. On her website, she even provides resources to help her followers learn how to become yin yoga instructors themselves! 

Follow her on Instagram @yoga_with_kassandra for yoga expertise, wellness advice, daily motivation, and all-around soothing pictures!


Which of these 15 fitness influencers most closely speak to your health and fitness goals? Comment your thoughts below!

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