Top 7 Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram

Break out from your normal routine of checking Instagram and seeing posts that make your brain hurt. Instagram is a dangerous game because you want to follow style gurus, social media influencers, and other beautiful feeds, but it can also destroy your confidence. Give yourself a much-needed boost by following these seven fitness babes. They’ll give you the push you need to carry on through your day, give you fitness advice and diet tips. Once you follow these girls your social media feed will be filled with the quality content you need during a body transformation. Next time you open your phone you will be inspired and be able to push yourself to get into your gym clothes and push!

1. Kate Hudson

Yes, Kate Hudson is a movie star and therefore shouldn’t count as an Instagram fitness babe, but then again look at her, she’s in incredible shape and runs a fitness empire, not to mention she also has three kids to take care of. If you’re still looking for another reason to steal fitness inspiration from Kate Hudson, then go check out her Instagram, you’ll find pilates based exercises, food planning, and lifestyle tips. Warning though, following Kate Hudson will also put you in the mood to watch How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, that’s a rabbit hole you may not want to fall into pre-workout. On top of Kate Hudson’s active social media presence, bring fitness babes everywhere a bit of daily inspiration she also has a workout/fitness clothing line, Fabletics. Shop the actual fitness clothes that she wears in her workouts to feel just like the Hollywood star. Don’t buy Fabletics just because it’s Kate Hudson’s clothing line, buy it because it is super cute and will make you feel like the fitness babe you know you are.

Top 7 Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram

2. Robin Arzon

Robin Arzon is the Vice President and head instructor for Peloton, but even if you’re not apart of the Peloton biking phenomenon you should still follow Robinnyc. This fitness babe was a lawyer who gave up her law career to pursue her true passion, and even though there were bumps along the way she still made it to her dream job. If that doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what will! Robin Arzon is a constant reminder that nothing in life has to be permanent if you’re unhappy you can change your way of thinking. Shut up and run is her mantra and it should become yours.  Robin Arzon won’t just get your heart pumping, but she will also inspire your entrepreneurial spirit, because not only is she a great fitness babe to follow, she’s also a girl boss. Robin Arzon is a New York Times bestselling author on top of being the Vice President of Peloton. She really has started from the bottom, well not the bottom- I mean she was a lawyer- and ran her way to the top of her very own fitness empire.

Top 7 Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram

3. Cassey Ho

Blogilates, Cassey Ho is Youtube royalty, a boss babe, and a fitness guru above all us. If you’re looking for health advice, exercise tricks and fitness hacks then you should follow Cassey Ho. Not only is Cassey a fitness expert, but she also shares her bright smile all over Instagram, making sure you know that your life shouldn’t be all about counting calories, remember to enjoy the small things in life. This founder of a fitness empire has so many different tips and tricks to get you ready for your workouts, including her own line of socks! Seriously, like avocado socks that say ‘push it,’ that’s amazing! If you follow Cassey Ho and you want more content, follower her side accounts, @popflex_active@poppilatesofficial, and @piit28official.

Top 7 Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram

4. Natalie Jill

Top 7 Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram

5. Stephanie Sanzo

Do you even lift, because Stephanie Sanzo does and you could too! Stephanie Sanzo can deadlift 330 pounds, meanwhile, I get winded lifting my phone to like the photo video of her doing these amazing stunts. If you’re looking to get a body that makes you feel powerful, then follow Stephanie Sanzo. All of these women kick-ass, but Stephanie Sanzo can actually kick anyone’s ass and her blond hair probably won’t even be greasy after. Lift up your phone, follow Stephanie and repeat because Stephanie Sanzo is going to whip you into shape. Not only does Stephanie show off her extreme skills on Instagram, but she also shows you how to lift properly. Super helpful, very inspirational and should be one of your top fitness babes to follow this season.

Top 7 Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram

6. Rachel Brathen

Breath in and breath out because Rachel Brathen is here to show you how to relax. Busy mother, Rachel Brathen, explores her part of this earth searching for her next place to strike a yoga pose. Follow her for a breath of fresh air.

Top 7 Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram

7. Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria is the creator of  “fit body app” and can change your life in an instant. Anna Victoria will show you how to be apart of a fitness community that can help you achieve your goals. Follow her for daily advice, fitness inspiration and her bright smile.

Top 7 Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram

You deserve better than to fall into the black hole of Instagram and end up feeling bad about yourself. So stop staring at photos of celebrities who are effortlessly beautiful, or negative posts and upgrade your social media feed with these fitness babes. You will feel inspired, supported and happy every time you go to open your phone from now on. They can only help you with half the battle though, you’re going have to get yourself up and head to the gym. Maybe you will become the next fitness babe I write about.

Fitness babes fill up our Instagram feeds and give us inspiration every time we open our phones. Follow these seven fitness babes so that you can get workout advice, diet routines and a kick in the ass when you get lazy. Not to mention they’re all so smart and talented that you’ll find them inspiring even if you’re not working out.

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