5 Fitness Apps To Keep You On Track

Every year, we all make our New Years resolutions to get back to the gym and start eating healthy. After about a month, we become lazy, life gets in the way and the gym gets put on the back burner. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and frankly, it happens to more people than you’d think. 

Staying on track with working out, eating healthy and just trying to have an all-around lifestyle change is difficult. There’s nothing wrong in asking for a little help. It’s not easy trying to keep track of these healthy habits. That’s exactly why people out there created these apps. They are simple to use. 

5 Fitness Apps To Keep You On Track

If you’re feeling unorganized and needing something that will help form a steady routine, fitness apps are the way to go. There are tons out there that YouTubers and Instagram influencers use but the thing is, they actually work. You are able to track your food, calorie intake, figure out a workout plan and so much more. Each app has different features and depending on what you’re looking for and what results you want to see, figuring out which app to download is the first step. 

Don’t get discouraged! These apps will help and they will make a difference in your life. Some are food dairies and others push you to workout. They are easier than going to a trainer and they allow you to lose weight at your own pace. No more fad diets and no more feeling lost because you don’t have the push you are looking for. Fitness apps are basically a cheaper way to monitor your activity, health and/or weight than getting a trainer or a nutritionist. If this sounds like something appealing, then you’ve come to the right place. 

If you are ready to get back on that gym and healthy lifestyle grind, check out these five fitness apps that you need to download. Getting back on track and staying there has never been so easy. 

1. MyFitness Pal

MyFitness Pal is one of the most popular fitness apps. It is a free app and its really user-friendly. The app is simple to follow because it basically wants to be your friend or pal. The app was made to follow your caloric intake and help you set goals to achieve them. You’ll basically tell the app what changes you want to see in your body and the app will come up with the number of calories you should have each day. The user will enter in their food items and the app has a database with over five million foods. It gives you helpful tips and motivation to get to your goal weight. It will also factor in your exercise as well as how much water you drink. This is a great feature because most people need a reminder to consume more water on a daily basis. It’s also a website for those who don’t want to download the app. 

2. Lifesum 

Lifesum is another app that is similar to MyFitness Pal. It has similar features. Lifesum is a diet and Marco tracker. They offer a Keto meal plan as well as a three-week weight loss plan. They even have hundreds of recipes that range from dairy-free, breakfast, clean eating, cold and so much more. When you sign up, you’ll take a quiz that will give the app a better understanding of what you are looking for. Lifesum also offers a feature to allow your Fitbit or other step tracking device to sync with the app. It’ll be easier to manage the calories burned and exercise. And just like MyFitness Pal, it also tracks how much water you drink which is an incredible feature. 

5 Fitness Apps To Keep You On Track

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3. Strava

Strava is a social networking fitness app. It’s very different from the other two above. This app allows you to let out your competitive side. Strava was made for those who enjoy running and cycling. This app turns your smartphone into a sophisticated running and cycling computer. It will connect with GPS watches and head units. It will store the data on the app and allow you to compete with other users. You can also just connect with other users who share the same passions as you.  It is a free app but they also offer a premium version that costs $6 monthly. 

4. Sworkit

It’s logo is, “fitness made simple.” This app is good for those who have busy schedules and aren’t able to go to the gym as often as they would like. It helps with weight loss, muscle gain, improving endurance and flexibility, helping to maintain weight and more. It gives you at-home workouts and plans to follow. There are over 300 unique workouts and more than 400 exercises. They have certified trainers to help you if you have questions about fitness or nutrition. It’s all up to the user. You choose the goal you want to hit, when you want to do the workouts and basically the app will give you the workouts that will help you reach your goal. 

5 Fitness Apps To Keep You On Track

5. C25K

This app is for those who are planning to run a 5K or maybe you just want to improve your running skills. They teach their users to run a 5K in just eight weeks. The app is only for people who are looking to run and improve their stamina. It’s an eight-week program that has the user working out three times a week with breaks between days. They are 30-40 quick workout sessions with just an extra few minutes to warm up and cool down. This app is a coach to help you build strength by alternating between walking and running. Sign up for the new local 5K and get to work!

Don’t feel frustrated that it’s difficult to stay on track. That is the very reason people created these apps. They want to help their users obtain their goals and feel good and motivated in the process. Leave a comment below telling us your favorite fitness apps to stay on track with!

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