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Top 5 Fitness Apps for You Lazy Folk Who Don’t Want To Go To The Gym

Top 5 Fitness Apps for You Lazy Folk Who Don’t Want To Go To The Gym

Are you one of those people who want to work out but hate going to the gym? Do you constantly feel bummed because you want to live a healthy lifestyle but hate working out around others?  Well, if you are, then these fitness apps are perfect for you! Scratch that, even if you are not one of those people and just wanna be at home working out, then these fitness apps are perfect for you too! With everything, that has been going on, 2020 is most definitely not the year you wanna be in a germ-filled gym. Risking your health and safety seems a little excessive just for a workout. But have no fear, you can most definitely stay fit without going to the gym. Working out at home seems to be the safest thing to do! These five free fitness apps that are available on both App Store and Playstore will have you thinking, you do not even need to go to the gym to burn off those calories!

1. Flat Tummy App

 The first one from our batch of fitness apps is Flat Tummy App: Female Fitness. With a rating of four stars on App and Play Store, this app guarantees its users noticeable results within 30 days. It features customized workouts created by professional trainers to help users decide what body parts they want to workout. Along with this, they have meal plans created by professional nutritionists, so that users can start or continue to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle. One user even said “I love this app, and I’ve only used it for a couple days. It gives me great exercises that I do struggle with, but that means it’s working. The app encourages me to work out, and I get excited to workout. The app is great, and I definitely recommend it if you want to lose weight or get fit.” If you have any doubts just know that there are over a thousand reviews just like this one! Personally, I think the best part about this app is that it requires absolutely no gym equipment! With over 3 million users, users can make friends this will serve as motivation so you are bound to achieve your goals!

2. Adidas Training and Running

With 5 stars and hundreds of positive reviews, this app is everything you need to work out. Adidas Training and Running by Runtastic is an at-home workout app filled with free audio and video guides. the second one from our batch of fitness apps allows users can combine different videos or audios to customize and create their own personalized workout. This will allow users to create specific exercises for different days. Say if you want Thursday’s to be leg day, then you will be able to put together a work out that will work out that body part. Along with all of these great features, one user wrote “used this to train for and complete my first marathon. The GPS tracking, even when I did not have the internet while running in other countries, is my primary draw. I also love that it gives the interactive map with pacing.” Although some of the workout videos are only available through a monthly paid subscription of 10.99, there are plenty of workouts as well as audio narration available for free.


3. Nike Training Club

With five stars on both the App and Play store, as well as over 190 free workouts to chose from, this app is a great tool to download for your at-home workouts. Much like the Adidas app, they have an impressive collection of workouts to chose from; the only difference between the two is that everything on the Nike Training app is free; so no need to pay a subscription fee!  Along with that, this app includes personalized workouts. All you need to do is enter a few details about your diet, lifestyle and fitness and boom you’ve got your very own personalized workout suited best for your body type! This app is my personal favourite; I think its definitely better than all the other fitness apps and it serves as an easy tool I can use to exercise at home or even at the park!

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4. PEAR- Personal Fitness Coach

With 4.7 stars PEAR- Personal Fitness Coach is an amazing fitness app! If you are all about hands-free, eyes-free training, then look no further, this app is perfect for you! Along with this, they also provide users with live coaches, and private sessions. As well as a wide variety of guided workouts. A really neat feature that PEAR has is that it allows users to separate and combine different workouts into one. This feature is based on the user’s level of fitness and intensity they want. One user wrote, “This is the app I was waiting for! That gives you your own personal coach to follow you and guide you. I absolutely love it! I decided to take an annual membership. The support you get is really incredible!”. For unlimited access, all you need to do is pay a monthly subscription of 5.99.


5. RockMyRun

Many people enjoy running, jogging or even speed walking as their method of working out. For those people, I say you need to download RockMyRun! This last fitness app provides users with playlists that adjust and sync with the speed of your steps as well as your heart rate. You can even use it while you are running on a treadmill or even while using an elliptical machine. So even if it is raining outside you will still be able to get your workout in. If you’re still not sold on this app then hear this review “I tried this app and think it’s awesome! Also, super impressed as it uses very little data compared to any other I’ve tried so far. If you love to run and are out there frequently, try this app —— 🙂 it’s GREAT!!!” Not only will this help you stay motivated for the entirety of your workout, but it will also save you the trouble of having to make your own playlists for every time you work out!

Have you tried any of these fitness apps? How do you motivate yourself to workout using your phone? Let us know in the comments below!

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