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First Dates: What You Need To Know

First Dates: What You Need To Know

So you’re finally going on that first date with the guy or girl you’ve been secretly chatting. Feelings of excitement, nervousness and panic may arise and that is totally normal. Here is what you need to know and the do’s and don’ts of your first date. 

DO Arrive On Time 

This is a big given. Punctuality is super important! Arriving on time is probably the first thing they’ll notice because coming in late will start the date off on the wrong foot. I know you’ll want to get fully ready with nothing missing so start getting ready earlier if it takes you a long time! 

Arriving on time create that great first impression and notice if your date arrives on time too! If they decide to pick you up, take note of what time they come and how they act during the car ride. 

DON’T Wear Something That Is Uncomfortable To You

Don’t wear something just because you think it’s what societal standards have taught you to wear! Wear what YOU like and are comfortable in. Forcing yourself to wear something that’s too tight, too revealing or just not like you that makes you uneasy isn’t the right thing to do. We want you to be happy in whatever you choose to wear because it represents who YOU are and your amazing personality! 

DO Stay Positive! 

Staying positive is something most people forget. Even if it this date doesn’t go past this first one, remain positive! At least you got to meet a new person, learn about them and if it ends well, remain friends. You never know how a date can end up so just keep that smile on and go with the flow. 

Whether the date is at a fancy restaurant, on the beach, in a coffee shop or even just getting pizza and chilling, explore what’s around you guys as well as each other! Get creative! 

First Dates: What You Need To Know

DON’T Be On Your Phone

This is a huge NO. Come on! It looks like you absolutely do not care about being there; plus it’s just flat out rude. Don’t do it because chances are you won’t get a second date. Just don’t do it. Your Snapchat friends can wait. Constantly checking the time won’t make it go by any faster or any slower 

Now of course, if you do need to make an emergency call or send the safe word text to your best friend for assistance if the date is going haywire or you feel uncomfortable, run to the restroom and make that call ASAP. Other than that, put that device away and preferably on silent or vibrate. 

DO Keep A Fun And Light Conversation 

You don’t want to be sitting there in silence, eating while the only noise is your silverware making contact with the plate. Get to know each other and have a light conversation! You don’t want to get too deep too quick. (Maybe save that for the 3rd or 5th date). It can get pretty weird pretty fast if you both are just sitting quietly. 

Pretend that they’re a friend you just met and are trying to get to know! Don’t put too much pressure in the idea that you have to impress them or say what you think they want you to say. Like I said before, let it flow! Lots of inside jokes and memories can derive from that first encounter which you can reflect on later on even if you guys end up just friends. 

First Dates: What You Need To Know

DO Be Yourself! 

This is the most important DO of your first date. We want you to be yourself all the time, and for every date that may happen beyond the first one. Again, don’t stick to a standard script because it’s what the societal standard told you to do. If you’re feeling humorous, make a joke to lighten the mood, talk about your interests and get to know theirs. Be calm and be you! 

If the date doesn’t work out, it won’t be the end of the world. Don’t worry too much about what’s going to happen once the date is over and focus on just making a connection with this person! 

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First Dates: What You Need To Know

DO Eat Whatever You Want

Okay, listen. A salad is not going to keep you full the whole night. Let’s face it, you want to order a big-girl meal and have at it with the appetizer or the pasta. GO FOR IT!! Eat whatever you want because it should not matter to the other person and they shouldn’t be judging you based off your food choices. 

You should not have to order something you hate just because it looks healthy and you don’t want to “come off as too hungry”. Cut that crap out and order what you want, girl. 

DO Listen

Listen to what your date is even talking about! Do I really need to explain the need for this one? You don’t want to zone out thinking about all the work you have to do or wondering where you can go on your next date. Take interest in the conversation you may be having and interest in your date! 

Again, get to know them and hear their stories. But don’t let them do thee talking the WHOLE night. You know how this works, you got it. 

DON’T Act Careless

Keep those manners in check! They don’t just go out the window when you leave the house. Keep that etiquette going and be kind. Sit up tall, wipe the pasta sauce off your face with the napkin and be nice to whoever is serving you! (If you are at a restaurant). Also be kind to your date! 

Speaking with the right manners is also important. Don’t interrupt when they’re talking but also ensure that have your turn. Think of it like a ping pong game; they say something, you say something. Also, don’t be wandering your eyes around and keep that eye contact going! I know that eye contact can be hard to keep if you are feeling nervous or scared but just remember to breathe and be you! 

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