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First Date Red Flags You Should Not Ignore

First Date Red Flags You Should Not Ignore

First Date Red Flags You Should Not Ignore

Going on first dates can always be exciting, as you are getting to know someone on a more intimate level. Yet sometimes, while being under the effect of rose-colored glasses there are particular traits we ignore that could be troublesome towards the future. Here are a few red flags you should look out on a first date.

Rude treatment towards waiters:

J.K. Rowling once said, “ If you want to see the true measures of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” This saying goes a long way, as this will reveal how the person would be with you if you were ever put in a position of inferiority. Once on a date, I remembered the waiter accidentally spilled a plate next to my date. The next thing I realized he was yelling at the waiter for getting a spot of sauce in his pants. He made a huge scene, yelling profanities for a drop of sauce. Apart from feeling embarrassed I was horrified. He kept talking ranting about the waiter spilling sauce for the rest of the date. This not only showed me how rude he could be but told me how bad his temper could get in insignificant situations like this one. This, in the long run, is not something you want in your significant other.

Five Red Flags You Should Pay Attention In A First Date

Extremely pushy:

Everything has its place and time, so nothing worse than being on a date that can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. No one should make you do anything that you don’t want to or rush you. Think of it this way, if he is being pushy right now how will he be in the future. Nothing worse than feeling forced due to your date not being able to get the hint. If he is not answering to your hint and decides to look the other way avoid him. If you notice he is being touchy and you have said many times you don’t feel comfortable, run. This is a red flag that is not at all excusable.

Constantly bringing up his Ex:

Now they say “everything in moderation ”, including bringing up an ex-girlfriend. When your date is bringing it up every ten minutes that is a huge red flag. In this situation, it may most likely mean that your date is not over there ex and trying to use you as an easy rebound. Here what you want to do is take your feelings into consideration. This also is an extremely uncomfortable situation in the long run, as this will cause a lot of inconveniences with mentioning his ex’s. This might cause a lot of distrust which contributes to a future toxic relationship.

Bad hygiene:

Practices of good hygiene are extremely important, as this reflects the level of self-care. Basic hygiene practice includes just showing and looking decent. The scent is something incredibly important, especially when it comes to attraction. The scientific reason behind that is it’s not so much the actual scent, yet it’s the immune system influences that we see attractive. The scent is the basis of understanding a person’s personality. Apart from that nothing uncomfortable than potentially kissing someone with bad breath.

Five Red Flags You Should Pay Attention In A First Date

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Constantly checking his phone:

In a modern dating setting phones are unavoidable. If you are on a date, phones should be put away. Not only is it rude, yet this means disinterest and detached. This could be the start of a destructive habit. This act can translate to your date having a lack of interest. Apart from that in the long run, this could cause multiple tensions, so if you see this on a first date you might want to reconsider.

Five Red Flags You Should Pay Attention In A First Date

These are a few key items important to look out for when potentially dating someone. Although there are many more signals these were the most important ones to highlight.

Dating is always fun, yet there are a few red flags. What are your thoughts about these signals? Let us know in the comments!

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