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12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

First date outfits are ideal to make a lasting impression. Yes, beauty is only skin deep, but even an ugly mug can pull off a fire fit. Not only that, but let’s face it, first impressions are everything when it comes to dating. 

Trust me, especially as a man, you need to know how to dress at least some of the time. Don’t worry fellas, I’m to help you pull off the perfect first outfits according to your zodiac sign. 

1. Aquarius

Aquarians are either shy and quiet or eccentric and energetic. The two Aquarians I know, happen to be the loudest ones in any room they’re in. With that being said, I’m going to put you in something a little more lowkey but will still turn heads.

 Just because you’re loud doesn’t mean your outfit has to be. Go with a tailored suit, preferably black, but navy works too. No tie, and make sure your shirt has graphics on it. Flowers, hearts, whatever you prefer, but make sure the color of the shirt matches your suit. 

I would focus more on tailoring than anything. A perfectly tailored suit will really make the outfit pop.

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

2. Pisces

Pisces are known for being very friendly, artistic, and very into music. So, I’m going to have you looking like a rockstar. I’m talking denim on denim baby. Take a few cues from Lenny Kravitz, a true rock legend and add accessories. 

The shirt needs to be western-style and it should be the light blue color or at least in the same shade. And for the love of God, make sure it fits you snug. Not too tight. Not too baggy.

Throw some faded denim jeans in the mix, with some off-brown Chelsea boots. I would recommend suede, but if you know the weather is gonna be wet, then find a different alternative. 

You’re a Pisces, the accessories will be where your creative side shines. Beaded bracelets and a necklace to match are good choices and a leather strap watch couldn’t hurt either. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

3. Aries 

Aries are flamboyant, courageous, confident, and all things that scream passion and madness. So, yeah, your outfit is going to be a good one. 

Nothing screams confidence more than a leather jacket that fits like a suit jacket. Black pants, white shirt, and a black-tie will have you looking like the coolest guy in the room. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

4. Taurus

Taurus can be practical, reliable and always feel the need to be surrounded by love and beauty. Your colors are supposed to be pink and green, which is a good thing. 

A double-breasted suit will make you stand out, but it doesn’t have to mean business. It can make you look badass. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

5. Gemini

Gemini can have two personalities and are excellent artists with a tendency to be sociable. They can be serious in a blink and have the ability to adapt quickly. 

With that being said, you need an outfit that screams fun. Sometimes, a clash of colors can be a magical thing. Make sure your sweater vest matches your jacket, like how the pattern matches both the inside and outside. 

Find some pants that are a different shade of color for added texture and blow your date’s mind. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

6. Cancer 

The Cancer’s can be a tenacious bunch. Your outfit needs to show your date how true that actually is.

I’m going to put you in some monochrome layers that will show your date that you mean business when it comes to fashion.  

Burgundy is a solid color to go with, but feel free to find a color that suits your personal preference. Just make sure to stick to the earth tones. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

7. Leo 

Leo’s are just like Aries. Loud, boisterous, and incredibly confident. My mom is a Leo and she’s small but mighty. 

I’m going to put you in something that roars confidence. Go with a bold choice on the first date outfit by wearing a mint green suit with a patterned polo underneath. 

Not only will you look like you’re made of money, but your date will get the impression that you’re chock-full of fun and most importantly, confidence. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

8. Virgo

Virgo’s are all business. Very serious and very practical. A Virgo is very practical so you’re not usually one that likes to take risks. 

Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to keep it simple, but still, make a statement. Grab some loafers, and drape a knit polo over some dress pants. I would recommend a polo with some designs on it. 

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It needs to be form-fitting, so when you take that jacket off your date will see those biceps you’ve been working on. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

9. Libra 

This is my sign, so you know this fit will have to dazzle. We Libras are the fashionable ones in the zodiac sign. Our first date outfits should be a staple of our wardrobe. 

Go with a 70s vibe by wearing a turtleneck and some corduroy pants in complementary earth tones. I would add a blazer over top to accent the earth tones. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

10.  Scorpio

Scorpio’s are hard to pin down, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to help you out. You tend to be determined, decisive, and assertive people. 

I’m going to put you in something that shows your assertive side. Your first date outfits should always consist of a black tee, a colorful jacket that you can move around in. Simple as that baby. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

11. Sagittarius

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is very outgoing. It’s also known that they love to travel, so let’s go with that.

Go for a bohemian look that adds an air of mystery. A patterned knit cardigan over a graphic tee with some boots that show a bit of wear and tear.

Add some accessories too, especially something you have as a souvenir that’ll strike an insightful conversation. First date outfits need to show your individuality, so don’t be afraid to flash some bling. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

12. Capricorn

Capricorns value their family and tradition. You are disciplined and responsible. As an earth sign, you are deeply rooted in a state of independence.

To showcase that, wear a grandpa sweater over a striped tee with some staple jewelry or accessories like the ultimate man of independence. Of the many first date outfits listed, yours needs to channel Pharrell Williams. 

*12 First Date Outfits According To Your Zodiac

First date outfits should scream individuality. You not only need to make a lasting first impression, but you also need to show your date who you are and why they should see you again.

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