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Top 10 First Date Ideas For The Couple On A Budget

Top 10 First Date Ideas For The Couple On A Budget

Unfortunately friends, even though we may be getting ready to spend our time with a special someone, first date ideas and the finances behind them, can be a real pain sometimes. But don’t be discouraged! Here are the top 10 first date ideas for the couple on a budget, to get you through the grimy little details of making it happen. Because after all, when it comes to first date ideas, all we care about is making it special for that special someone, let’s get into it!

1) Sparks of Passion With Sparks Of Flame: Make a Bonfire!

Often times, this romantic laid back experience is looked over for first date ideas. But really, for the couple on a budget, this is a great way to start out a relationship. Depending on your location, of course, wood might be readily available or it’s simply a few bucks out of pocket at your local gas station/lumberyard for a pile of wood. Outside of some matches and maybe some drinks/snacks (Do not forget about the tried and true Smores!) you’re all set to have a wonderful first date with your SO. And why I would push this for a first date idea is because of the fact that it encourages you two to really talk and just relax with the charming scenery of a fire. Plus anyone can admit watching someone get a fire going has charm in itself-so bonus points for you.

2) Use The Past To Spark Your Future! Go To A Museum!

Now everyone has to be a little careful here, some museums can have some very steep ticket prices. So for a first date idea on a budget, this only works if you make the most of the museum’s deals. Many museums have promotional days or hours where you can walk right in for free, take a look around or google it up and figure out when a good time to go would be. And much like the fire, this is one of the greatest first date ideas given the fact that it encourages discussion through distraction. Whether you’re huge into history or just want to play around and have a laugh at the funny clothes people used to where there is an endless amount of content to bring up a discussion over.

Top 10 First Date Ideas For The Couple On A Budget

3) Hearts Of Gold? Go Volunteering Together.

As far as first date ideas go, people don’t think about this one very often. For starters, any soup kitchen or volunteer opportunity is going to take whoever is passionate and willing to help. And while yes, you and your special someone will be doing some work, it really is a good bonding experience. And on top of that, it will be an experience that is outside the usual, and one that will always be remembered. Plus at the end of the day, you can be that couple that brags that your date life helps others. You don’t have to! I’m just saying, the opportunity is there.

4) On A Budget? Own It! Go Thrifting

While yes, you want your first date ideas to be special and unique and everything you feel it should be. But owning the budget lifestyle can be so much fun! Instead of blowing cash on a big gift item or an expensive dinner, hit the thrifts shops and second-hand stores. You can find all kinds of cool clothing there that are just out of style enough to be back in. Or at the very least you can see each other try on some clothes that you may never get a chance to see them in again because it’s so old.

5) Aquarius or Not, Water Is Your Friend!

There are endless first date ideas when it comes to revolving around water. If you both like to swim, find a nice spot at a lake or river where you both can show off those pesky strokes they taught you in high school. otherwise, if you’d prefer to stay on the dry side, rent out a canoe or a paddleboat and spend the day coasting around. Or even better, if there’s a ferry nearby or a quick lake tour boat-those are both good ways to save a buck but have some awesome scenery and memories to build the first date on.

Top 10 First Date Ideas For The Couple On A Budget

6) Sports Fans On A Budget? Go Local!

If you and your SO are big sports fans but don’t really have the cash flow to get tickets to the big game, go with localized sports to your area. Most town districts nowadays will have an online bulletin board full of upcoming sporting events from various age ranges and sports. While yes, it isn’t the same as professional but its always fun seeing some youth made blunders while still maintaining your bankroll for other first date ideas. Plus some parents take tee-ball very seriously and can be amusing to see how rooted they are in loyalty to their kid’s performance/team.

7) Feeling Retro? Go To An Arcade!

Of all the first date ideas! Especially for those on a budget, all you need is a few bucks to get some quarters and you can make the night gaming filled and relaxed. And yeah, this one isn’t for everyone by any means, but quite a handful of people these days are “gamers” so it might be a safe bet to try it out. Either way, some friendly competition in anything is always healthy. And if neither one of you is much of a gamer is can be especially fun trying to figure out how to play together.

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8) Put Your Voices To The Test! Karaoke Night!

Whether it’s a local pub or any given restaurant, find you and your SO a karaoke night and go wild. A lot of people get nervous around this one more than other first date ideas but trust me it, even if neither one of you is a singer-its never too late to try. Plus, it shows real commitment to having some fun when you both are put in an awkward scenario like that together. Let it flow, have some fun, and make an amazing memory. And hey, if one of you can sing or both of you-SHOW IT OFF- Might just earn yourselves some free drinks on the house or from appreciative patrons.

9) Need A Change Of Pace? Do a Hobby Swap!

Now of all first date ideas here, this one can be interpreted a handful of different ways. The end goal is to have something you do as a hobby and teach/show it to your special someone. Meanwhile, in return, let them teach you how to do one of their own hobbies. The end goal of it is to give them a taste of what you’re into and then also show off a little at how well you can do it in comparison. And hey, if they end up being better at making birdhouses than you, give them the props they deserve!

10) #1 Entertainment While On A Budget-Carnaval/Fair

I’m telling all of you, in terms of first date ideas, this one kills-in a good way! Whether you’re into rides or races or all the horribly bad for you but delicious food. Carnivals and town fairs can have some of the most fun inspiring things to do on your first date-and getting in, is never that pricey. Not to mention if you go to these in the evening, the light from the rides or if there are bonfires around set a mood that’s just asking for a little fun and all kinds of charm.

Top 10 First Date Ideas For The Couple On A Budget

Some of these first date ideas sound right for you and yours? Let us know down in the comments on how it went or if you did some adaptations on these ideas. At the end of the day, we could all use some more ideas.

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