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15 First Date Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe

Dating is hard and extremely more stressful when the first date turns out to be such a disaster. 

In general, the combination of the unknown and expectations are factors that make any first date extremely nerve-racking. The factors mentioned above, in addition to different views (on a variety of subjects and other things), above can turn first dates into complete disasters. In addition, a first date can be a nightmare if your date does anything that turns you off, makes an offensive remark, or behaves in way that you find odd or alarming.

I’m pretty almost everyone reading this article right now has had one or a few stories of a first date that went horribly wrong and will make other people cringe. With these experiences, people are spilling the tea online on how a first date he/she went on ended up b

Now, with all of that being said, take a look down below and check out these 15 First Date Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe Really Hard: 

1. First Date Horror Story #1 – The Class-Shaming Move By The Female on The Date:

“I was working at a Mexican restaurant at the time. I was waiting on a couple and I could tell it was a first date by the questions I heard them asking each other. Anyway, towards the end of their meal there was this Hispanic girl sweeping next to their table and the woman looks at her, holds out the remains on her plate and says, “would you like to take this home to feed your kids?” I stood there in complete shock. This woman spoke no English, but she could tell this random woman was completely degrading her. The sad thing is she seemed like she really thought she was doing a good deed. Her date looked so embarrassed.”

Redditor Schmackers

Please note that the person sharing this first date horror story was not on the date. This person is a waiter and recalled what was the worst first date he/she ever witnessed while on the job on a viral Reddit Thread.

2. First Date Horror Story #2 – He Had Bad Body Hygiene and Crusty Lips on Corner of His Lips:

“When I met this guy from a dating app, he was tall… but ABSOLUTELY disgusting. He smelled funny and he had spit crust in the corners of his lips. I was just so grossed out by him that I went to the bathroom mid-movie and pretended I was sick so I could dip out. I know if I inhaled any more of him, I definitely would have passed out.”

-Tiana told Babe

3. First Date Horror Story #3 – Who Meows on The First (or Any) Date?:

“I went to a movie I’d wanted to see with a guy I matched with on a dating app. When I greeted him in front of the theater, he didn’t say ‘hi’ back. He meowed. Like a cat. He wouldn’t make eye contact either. I tried to make conversation as we walked to the right screen, but he just kept meowing and pointedly looking away from me. When we got inside, we found seats, and he continued to meow. After the movie, I the meowing resumed. Still no eye contact either. Maybe he was trying to be quirky and endearing? But who does that?? Who meows through a first date???”

-Karynm4c13c7a12 told BuzzFeed

4. First Date Horror Story #4 – The KISS Obsession:

“”I went on a date with a guy who drummed in a Kiss tribute band. The first thing he did was give me drugstore perfume, a shirt with a picture of his band on it, and some business cards, ‘in case my friends want his band to play.’ Then literally everything he talked about was Kiss: how he liked Daft Punk because they protect their anonymity with helmets like Kiss did; how his Facebook page isn’t his actual name, it’s his Kiss name, so he can keep it ~authentic~…yeah. No second date.”

-Erica Sloan told BuzzFeed

5. First Date Horror Story #5 – He Licked Me and Masturbates in Public:

“I met this guy from online to go for a walk. We stopped to admire the scenery, and out of nowhere he started LICKING MY FACE. I just froze. We continued walking — why didn’t I run away, you ask? I was young and stupid — and it happened again! We finally came to a bench and I sat on the opposite side in fear that I was going to be licked again. As I thought of an escape plan, I heard a strange noise. He was full-on masturbating. In a public park. I don’t think I’ve ever run as fast as I did that day.”

-Ashley Conrad told BuzzFeed

6. First Date Horror Story #6 – Looking for a ‘Third’:

“OH man!

I was talking to a guy online and we finally agreed to meet for a date.

I get there and there is a woman sitting with him. It turns out that it was his wife and they were looking for a “third”.

He never mentioned that during our chats and then called me a cunt for saying that I didn’t want get involved.”


7. First Date Horror Story #7 – The Quick Stop To Film Rehearsal:

“A guy told me he had to stop by a film rehearsal before dinner and asked if I minded to tag along for a quick 20 minutes — it was in a sketchy basement, I’m pretty sure it was softcore porn just by listening to the script reading, and the creepy cameraman asked if I wanted the part of the ‘sexy demon genie who sleeps with most of the main characters before violently killing them.’ I was pretty sure I was living through the first scene of the Lifetime movie that would be based on my murder.”

-Victoria told Bustle

8. First Date Horror Story #8 – He Wouldn’t Let Her Say One Word:

“Once witnessed a date where the dude talked about how special he was and how his mind wasn’t like other people’s for the entire date. The girl was politely nodding along and every time she tried to get a word in, he’d cut her off. Absolutely brutal

EDIT: the amount of women commenting on how they’ve been on this exact date before is… upsetting.”

Redditor Frogsmouth

Please note that the person sharing this first date horror story was not on the date. This person is a waiter and recalled what was the worst first date he/she ever witnessed while on the job on a viral Reddit Thread.

9. First Date Horror Story #9 – The Photos of His Exes:

“Went on a date with a guy I’d met through a mutual friend. Things seemed pretty normal until we were sitting and waiting for the movie to start. He got his phone out and started showing me pictures of two of his ex-girlfriends. Both women were completely naked.

Redditor Molly-Millions

10. First Date Horror Story #10 – The Bloody Nose:

“I was making out with a girl on a cold evening on her unlit front porch. I just thought my runny nose was from the cold. But when we turned on the lights I realized I had a bloody nose. Her face was COVERED IN BLOOD.

See Also

There was no second date.”

Redditor JacksCologne

11. First Date Horror Story #11 – A Cool Person Doesn’t Bring His/Her Parents on The First Date:

“I had had my eye on this guy for a while. After a few weeks of flirting he finally asked me to go to a gig with him on a date. We went to the gig and were having a good time, when suddenly HIS PARENTS SHOW UP! Turned out he had invited them because he wanted me to meet them….ON OUR FIRST DATE!

Afterwards he called me continuously and I asked him to back off but he didn’t, so I called it off completely. This ended with him begging me to change my mind by screaming ‘I’M A COOL PERSON!'”

-Beckij41bc2d27d told BuzzFeed

12. First Date Horror Story #12 – A First Date or an Argument?:

“I went out with a guy that I had met on Tinder. The entire time, we argued. Either he didn’t agree with me, or I didn’t agree with him, on ANYTHING. Normally, I don’t argue with someone just because I don’t agree with them, but this guy was so arrogant. After leaving the bar, he somehow thought it would be a good idea to ask me to come up to his place. Saying “no”,was the last time I spoke to him. RIP Tinder app.”

Redditor PlainJane23

13. First Date Horror Story #13 – The Only Subject He Talked About was Eminem:

“Blind date …. All he did was talk about how awesome Marshall Mathers aka Eminem was for 2 HOURS and no rap music compared. Nothing else was discussed.”

-Kelly told Bustle

14. First Date Horror Story #14 – The ‘Short’ Date:

“More funny than bad. She opened the door, saw she was taller than me with her heels, says “OMG I have to change my shoes” and closes the door in my face.”. That is OK I left my wallet in my car and she paid that night.”

Redditor Savemejebus0

15. First Date Horror Story #15 – Way Too Much of a Momma’s Boy:

“I had a first date with a man who took me back to his apartment and made me look at photo albums of his mother. I kept on trying to get away and finally I just said, ‘I need to go home right now,’ to which he replied, ‘I guess I can’t keep you here against your will.’ Yikes.”

-Mandapandapanda told BuzzFeed

Do you have any Cringe-worthy First Date Horror Stories that you have experienced of heard of that you want to share? Share all of the details down below in the comments section!

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