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First Concert Ever? We Have A Piece Of Advice To Make It A Memorable Experience

The band or singer of your dreams is finally coming to your city and luckily enough you got tickets to see them play. There is no denying that going to a concert is one of those things everyone should do at least once, they are super fun especially if you share them with your closest friends. You get to listen to your favorite music, see the members of the band you adore or the singer you love, dance all the time and overall have an awesome time.

Yet this might be the first time ever you go to a concert, and while you may be beyond excited, because honestly nothing compares to the feeling of buying a ticket and waiting until the day the special date finally arrives, we have some advice to truly make it an experience you won’t forget.

1. What to wear?

Our best advice is, wear something you feel comfortable with. Remember that you are going to spend a long time standing up in line, dancing or jumping around, because let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter if you are in an area with chairs available to sit once the music starts you are not going to want to sit down. A t-shirt with the band’s logo or singer’s picture is always a good outfit choice to rock to a concert. Avoid going in something that is super tight it won’t let you move comfortable or wearing an outfit that is big on you, so you have to fix it every two minutes and at some point, this will become super annoying. Sneakers or closed shoes are also a great choice since you are going to be surrounded by lots of people, using sandals is not as recommended because people can accidentally step on your toes and hurt you.

We don’t recommend buying shoes for the concert and using them for the first time that day since they can cause you blisters or make your feet hurt. Don’t forget to carry a light jacket, especially if the place the concert is going to be is an open venue. You might not need it during the concert but before and afterwards it might be useful. If you have long hair don’t forget to carry a scrunchie or something to tie your hair up since you will be dancing around and maybe it will make you feel more comfortable having your hair up.

2. What to carry?

The first thing you should do when going to a concert is avoiding big bags. One because they might be really annoying to carry around and two because some venues forbid bags of certain dimensions. Fanny packs are a great solution for this, especially since you tie them around your waist, have it close to yourself at all times and your hands are free to move. Now, there are some essential items you shouldn’t forget to take when you go to your first concert. The most important one is the ticket; you should also carry an extra battery or portable charger and your phone well charged.

Taking some hand sanitizer and tissues it’s also very important, you don’t know if there is going to be toilet paper or water to wash your hands if you need to go to the bathroom. Besides hand sanitizer has alcohol which comes very handy to smell if you start feeling nauseous.  If the concert is going to be on an open space you could also carry a raincoat or a small umbrella, don’t forget to carry your wallet, ID and cash in case you need to buy something such as food or merch.

3. What to do when I’m already there?

We recommend you arrive with enough time before the doors open, especially if you have a ticket that is in a zone that has no numbers and you want to get a good view of your favorite artists. Also, lines are probably going to be huge and some venues even have a curfew time, which means they don’t allow people going in after a specific hour. The way you arrive to the venue is also something you should know before hand, especially if you are taking a bus so you know the specific times it goes out or if you are taking an Uber or cab with a group of friends knowing approximately how much is going to cost for each one beforehand.  

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If you are going in a group, but not sitting with some of them since you bought different ticket zones, be sure to establish a meeting point before separating to meet again once the concert is done and in case your cellphones are dead or don’t work you can still catch with each other. Don’t run, skip lines or push people while you wait in line or are inside the venue, this can cause an accident that could hurt yourself or someone else and ruin the day for both of you. Be aware of the emergency exits just in case, because even though we are always hoping never goes wrong, if it does you should know how to proceed.

4. And as a final advice

Don’t forget you are there to have a great time! But most of all, remember that other people are there to do the same. Be respectful always with the people that is working there, we mean security guards, people in charge of helping you find your seat or selling stuff and with the other concert goers as well. In case there was an emergency, don’t panic, try to gather your group of friends and follow the procedure established by the venue.

Be patient since there are lots of people going to the concert which means that lines for buying merch, food, going to the bathroom, parking and even getting into the venue are going to be really long, try not to stress about this and most of all enjoy your time there. Take lots of pictures, dance more, laugh, listen to your favorite music and enjoy the views!

Ready for your first concert? If you have already been to a few before, let us know how your experience has been in the comments below!

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