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Finger Tattoo Ideas That Are Subtle And Adorable

Tattoos are such a cool form of self-expression! if you are interested in getting one but want it to be nice and subtle, consider getting a finger tattoo! 

1. Classic Initial

Initial tattoos are some of the most trendy for finger tattoo concepts. Even the cast of the hit Freeform television series Pretty Little Liars has gotten these tattooed. Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Sasha Pieterse, and Janel Parrish all got the first initial of their character’s name on the show tattooed on their shushing finger from the Pretty Little Liars intro. While we can’t all have that cool of a story behind an initial tattoo, these always look so classic, clean, and cute. You can get the initial of a relative, best friend, spouse, or even yourself! No matter what you choose to get and who or what it honors, if you get this finger tattoo, it will look amazing and is quite subtle as well if you have a job where tattoos are not always praised. 

2. Sensual Snake

Next, is one of my personal favorites, and is a bit sassier than the classic initial finger tattoo. This snake finger tattoo is so sensual and sassy, while still being small enough to be considered subtle. There are obviously so many styles of illustrations that you can consider when getting a snake tattoo: whether the tattoo is in color or black and white, if the snake’s skin pattern will be included, if you want the snake’s tongue to be apart of the tattoo design, etc. Though this is quite a popular tattoo idea, especially for finger tattoos, the little intricacies of design are so unique to whatever artist you book an appointment with and what you prefer for your own tattoo. I love the simple, black snake tattoo that is pictured here and if I am brave enough one day, I would like something similar to this on my own finger!

3. Crescent Moon

If you love all things to with the moon and stars, consider incorporating that into your finger tattoo. This crescent moon tattoo is so simple and subtle but looks equally magical and cosmic as well. Just like the snake finger tattoo, or any tattoo for that matter, you and your tattoo artist can get so creative with the design and what celestial components you want to include. I love the simple black dots that are on the top and bottom of the crescent moon in this particular finger tattoo and think even some stars around it would look so good! If the moon is not your thing, just a simple star outline or even the complete opposite end of the spectrum, the sun would also make great, subtle finger tattoos. 

4. Sentimental Word or Phrase

If you have a word or phrase that is close to your heart, this would also make a great concept for a finger tattoo, though if you choose a phrase remember to keep it short since there is not a huge amount of space to work within that area. One word probably works best for a finger tattoo, unless you want a super small one such as the one pictured below. I love the concept of the pictured tattoo because of the self-love concept. This would be such a good reminder to have on your skin for the rest of your life and to be able to look down and see that every day would be so lovely. An idea that I have always had if I were to get a phrase tattooed on myself, finger tattoo, or otherwise, I always thought it would be so sweet to get someone I love to write out the word or phrase in their handwriting. This adds another level of sentimentality to the tattoo and makes it even more unique. Someone else may have the same word tattooed on their body as you but guaranteed they will not have it in that person you hold dear’s handwriting. Suggestions of words I would get as finger tattoos are loved, set apart, breathe, and courage. 

5. Delicate Heart

I have seen this next finger tattoo quite a lot the past couple of years, but I still think it is so classic and cute! This one in the photograph below is a bit different due to the red ink used in the design compared to classic black ink that gets used more often. I like the subtlety of just having the outline of the heart rather than having it filled in, but either way, a simple heart tattoo is just a design that you cannot go wrong with getting. You of course can get it larger or smaller than is photographed and can have fun playing around with color options. Red looks stunning, but pink, purple, even blue would also look super adorable in combination with this simple and clean design choice. You could even combine some of the other finger tattoo ideas we have listed to really personalize it. For example, having a small initial in the middle of the heart would be so sweet, or even having a snake around or through the heart would be so badass!

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6. Tiny Cross

Another oldie but goodie is a tiny cross finger tattoo. These are great if you are a person of faith and wish to have a reminder of your creator and what he has done for you, or even if you are not the design is such a classic and looks so good in black ink on the skin. It is such a subtle and sweet tattoo concept and you can keep it extremely simple with just the two black lines, or you can mix it up and add embellishments such as flowers, thorns, birds, whatever your heart desires! I love this tattoo so much and it is definitely on my own personal tattoo wishlist. 

7. Airplane Outline

If you love to travel like I do and just cannot escape the wanderlust, this adorable airplane finger tattoo might be a design you want to get next time you make an appointment with your favorite tattoo artist! I love the simplicity of this design and all it represents: travel, exploration, getting out of your comfort zone. Whatever it means to you, this tattoo is a great option for a finger tattoo due to the small size which keeps it subtle yet still noticeable. There are so many different types of airplanes that can be the focus of the tattoo you design, from vintage to modern, the choice is yours!

All of these finger tattoo options are so adorable and look so cool. What are your favorite finger tattoos? Let us know in the comments!
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Megan Waterhouse

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