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5 Fine Hair Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

5 Fine Hair Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

You may think that having fine hair is a blessing, and in a few ways it is, but most of the time it’s more of a curse. I do like that my hair is easy to wash in the shower, and that it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to blow dry. But when it comes down to styling my thin hair, it can turn into a bit of a task, and most of the time my hair just doesn’t like to cooperate. If I even attempt to put a curl into my hair, I need the world’s largest can of hairspray to hold it; it’ll more than likely fall out by the end of the day anyway. Having fine and straight hair is a real blast. I’ve perfected ways of handling it over the years, and finally have it down to a fine science. I’ve decided to pass these tips on for others with fine hair out there who still struggle on a day-to-day basis. Trust me when I say that these five hair tips will make your life so much easier. 

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday 

For this fine hair tip, washing your hair daily is considered a big no-no when it comes down to having fine hair, whether it’s wavy, straight or curly. I made this mistake a lot during my high school years, and always wondered why my hair would start to look greasy in less than 24 hours; it drove me bonkers! I finally stumbled across the answer in my freshman year of college, and found that it’s bad to wash your hair every single day, as it strips your strands of much-needed nutrients and moisture. After finding this out, I then started to wash my hair every other day, and saw massive improvement in just a couple of weeks; my hair stopped getting greasy in less than a day. Now, I go two to three days without washing my hair, and it’s never been healthier! Another fine hair tip in regards to washing your hair, is to never put conditioner on your scalp with this hair type. Conditioner on your scalp can cause your fine hair to look greasy and stringy when it’s dry. This has happened to me more than once, and I finally stopped using conditioner on my scalp, and problem solved! I recommend starting halfway up your hair, and using your fingers to run the conditioner through your strands to the ends. If you have really short hair, I suggest conditioning once a week, and that you use a teeny tiny amount of conditioner. 


2. Don’t Use Waxy Shampoos Or Conditioners 

When it comes to living with fine hair, you want to stay far away from anything that could cause a waxy buildup in your hair, and unfortunately that means avoiding the cheap shampoos and conditioners you find in your local grocery stores. This fine hair tip will save you so much frustration, and I wish I would’ve know this several years ago. One brand of shampoo and conditioner that I find to be amazing and doesn’t cause waxiness, is Pureology. This hair care brand is a bit on the expensive side, but trust me when I say that it’s worth it! For my fine hair, I like to use Pureology Hydrate Sheer as it’s made for people with fine hair, and also works if you color your hair. I recommend buying this brand at Ulta Beauty, as they have some good options to choose from. Another fine hair tip when it comes to dealing with this type of hair is to use a clarifying shampoo no more than once a week. Clarifying shampoos are great because it cleanses your scalp and roots, and gets rid of any nasty buildup in your hair. I prefer the brand Ouai when it comes to clarifying shampoos, and their detox shampoo does just the trick for my fine hair. 

3. The Right Brush 

Yes, having the right kind of brush matters greatly when it comes to having fine hair. For years, I avoided the boar bristle brushes because I wasn’t a fan of the way they looked; they creeped me out a bit to be honest. But I finally caved about two years ago, and bought one from my local beauty store, and I now consider it my favorite brush that I’ve ever owned. I bought a boar bristled styler brush by Goody, and it feels like the softest brush on the planet. I always comb my hair a few times a day with this brush as it gives my fine strands a lovely sheen, and smooths my hair together for a flawless look. I’d marry this brush if I could; shhh, don’t tell me husband! This brush is ideal for fine hair, and will help in giving it some volume as well as some fluffiness. Another great fine hair tip when it comes down to brushes is owning a anti-static brush. This type of brush will be your saving grace in the winter months! I prefer the Spornette Anti-Static Vent Brush, as it does exactly as it says in preventing staticky hair and any stubborn fly-away hairs. Because if there’s one thing I’m sure you discovered about having fine hair, is that it loves to get staticky. 


4. Use A Flat Iron 

Ok, now hear me out, using a flat iron is actually a great fine hair tip, that is, if you use it in the correct way. One of my issues with having fine hair is that I have a lot of it, and sometimes it looks weirdly fluffy, but still skimpy-looking after I blow dry it. One thing that I’ve discovered is that by using my one inch flat iron, I can tame the fluffiness, and also create volume. I start by using the flat iron as close to my roots as I can get without burning myself, and use a pulling up motion until I reach the ends of my hair. I do this in sections, and it creates a lovely volume by giving my hair some much-need definition. It’s a full-proof system, and gives my fine hair the illusion of being fuller and thicker than it actually is. This works great in framing your face too, especially since the hair closest to your forehead tends to be a bit thinner and fall pretty flat there for people with fine hair. You won’t regret this fine hair tip, just be careful with it; I’ve definitely burned myself a time or two. 

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5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Mousse 

If there’s one fine hair tip that you should definitely adhere to, it’s using mousse. I know that most of us fine-haired people have been warned away from mousse, but I’m here to tell you that there’s no need to fear mousse, as long as it’s the right kind. I like to use Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam as it’s light enough to not weigh down my fine hair, and helps in giving the roots some lift without making my hair look overly stiff. I use this for the days that I want to wear my hair down, and honestly, it works great! With mousse, I can now leave my frumpy and lifeless-looking hair days behind me for good. So, the next time you find yourself at the store, don’t be afraid to pick up some of this mousse. Trust me, it’s a total game changer for your fine hair! 


I hope these fine hair tips help you out just as they’ve helped me. Do you have any other noteworthy fine hair tips? Let us know in the comments below! 

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