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10 Finds For The Stranger Things Fan

10 Finds For The Stranger Things Fan

Stranger Things has captivated fans and transported them back to the 1980s for three marvelous seasons. If you are a huge fan of the show, there are some items that you will definitely want to get your hands on!

1. Stranger Things Season 1 Collector’s Edition¬†

If you are a true Stranger Things fan, then you have most definitely been watching this show since it’s beginning on Netflix on July 15, 2016. Now, if you are anything like me, I like to own my favorite television shows and movies so that I can rewatch them anytime I choose to do so. Target has released a special, collector’s edition of season one of Stranger Things, which includes both the DVD and Bluray disks. The packaging has been made to appear weathered and old like it was actually released in the 1980s when the show is set, and it is retailing for only $14.00. That is such a steal! This item featuring Eleven in her iconic pink dress and her three best friends is exclusively available at Target and will make a great addition to your DVD collection!


2. Eleven Face Mask

2020 has been a very strange time. The need to wear cloth face masks has become extremely necessary and vital to keeping everyone safe, healthy, and happy. Why not treat yourself to a cool mask inspired by your favorite Netflix show? Etsy has so many options for Stranger Things face masks, but this one is my personal favorite. If you have seen season 3 of the show, then you recognize this pattern instantly. In season 3, Eleven goes to the new mall in Hawkins, Indiana, with Max. During their shopping escapades, Eleven tries on a bunch of clothes trying to find her own signature style. The outfit she decides on is a black, boldly patterned romper, the same pattern that appears on this face mask. It is sold on the Etsy store, Sojoarte, and exudes the same level of cool and fun that Eleven’s outfit does. Retailing for only $12.00, this item is a must-have!

3. Hawkins Police Coffee Mug

Coffee is something that I absolutely have to consume every single day. If you are also addicted to caffeine, you know how important it is to have a good mug to drink this sweet nectar from. Stranger Things fans, I have found the perfect mug for you! Hopper is the kind, protective caregiver for Eleven and of course, the sheriff of Hawkins, Indiana. If you are as big of a fan of Hopper as I am, this Hawkins Police Department ceramic mug is right up your alley. Sold on Etsy by TeeWham, this 15-ounce coffee mug is only $16.95 and has received rave reviews from customers. So go ahead and enjoy your morning coffee and contemplation with this Hopper-inspired mug!


4. Season 3 Target Exclusive Vinyl

For all my old souls out there, this one is for you. Vinyl records are such a fun thing to collect if you love music and I must say that the soundtracks for each season of Stranger Things are simply impeccable. Staying true to the 1980s setting of the show, the music is all from that decade. There are records available for other seasons of the show, but my personal favorite is the season 3 Target exclusive edition vinyl. I received this beautiful item for Christmas this last year and have been obsessed with it ever since. The Target exclusive edition cover features the season 3 graphics from the official poster, a very Fourth of July themed design, but the vinyl records themselves are the extra-special part of this item. The vinyl featured red, white, and blue paint splatters on a clear vinyl material that perfectly encapsulates the season 3 theme. Retailing at $25.99, this is a musical masterpiece that you will definitely want to add to your collection. 


5. Hopper 2020 Phone Grip

In this day and age, we are all on our phones for several hours of the day. Due to this fact, phone grips have risen to popularity. If you are on the lookout for a new phone grip, consider this Stranger Things-inspired one. This phone grip says “Hopper 2020” and looks as if it is apart of an election campaign for Hopper. Whether presidential or for local office, this phone grip shows your support the teddy bear character that is Hopper, while being incredibly useful. I love my phone grip as it prevents me from dropping my phone as much, as well as serves as a stand to hold my phone up if I want to watch a show like Stranger Things on my phone. Sold on the Etsy shop called DragonFlyPhoneDesign, this phone grip comes in either black or white depending on your preference, and only costs $11.95!¬†

6. Steve and Robin Scoops Ahoy Art Print

If you are in need of some new decor for your room or office that makes you smile, this art print featuring Steve and Robin dancing in their Scoops Ahoy uniforms will do just that for you! This art print is so gorgeous and just gives off the wholesome vibes that the friendship between Robin and Steve gave fans in season 3. These two gave us some much needed comedic relief last season, and I think we were all grateful for it. The pastel colors and cartoon art style are fabulously executed by the store owner, Suus, from the Etsy shop, TheDutchesseArt. This print is an A4 size print and retails for $18.71, which is such a deal for this handmade item!


7. Strange Ideas Notebook

This next item is one of my favorites because it is a Stranger Things themed notebook! This notebook’s design is so fun and encapsulates the show in such a fun way. The galactic background featuring a gradient of dark colors from dark blue to red and orange, the floating heads of some of the main characters, Mike, Eleven, Max, Dustin, Lucas, and Steve tie the aesthetic together. Also on the notebook are the words “Strange Ideas” in the signature font from the Netflix show. Sold by the Etsy shop called SeaAndArrowVintage, this notebook is sold for only $10.00, which is mindblowing to me. The shop owner also sells notebooks for fans of other things in pop culture such as Harry Potter and Cardi B! This item has received such positive reviews about the quality of the notebook and speedy shipping, so if you are interested you should go and get your hands on one.

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8. El and Max Inspired Zipper Pouch

Zipper pouches are so useful to have, whether you need a place to store your makeup, writing utensils, bookmarks, etc. These are great for travel as well and this Eleven and Max zipper pouch is so stunning! Sold by the Etsy shop LotusInks, this pouch is pastel pink in color and illustrates a sweet moment from Stranger Things that shows the deeper development of a friendship that these two form in season 3. The bag is 9×6 inches, has a black interior, and the design is hand-drawn by the shop owner, Alex. For only $10.00, this beautiful pouch could be all yours!


9. Stranger Things Silhouette Box Light

In need of a nightlight or just want to transform the atmosphere of your room at night? This Eleven-inspired silhouette box light is perfect to do so! This handmade item has such an intricate design and the blue light that is featured in the photo brings this design to life in such a stunning way. The main design is Eleven’s profile but inside it, there are scenes of her and her friends riding bikes through the woods and a Demogorgon in the upside-down. It is so detailed and I just know that it would cast the most gorgeous glow on the walls and ceiling of your room! It is a bit more expensive than the other items on this list, but I think that $44.95 is such a fair price for this item.

10. Replica of Steve’s Spiked Baseball Bat

This last Stranger Things item is for only the biggest fan of the show. This item is a prop replica of Steve Harrington’s spiked baseball bat that becomes his weapon of choice to fight Demogorgans. This item looks exactly like the original and comes with a prop stand that has the name of the show wood burned into it. It looks so well done and that the shop owner, Alan Zetting from the shop AwandZ on Etsy. This item is $65, which is the most expensive on this list of finds for Stranger Things fans, but if you are a massive fan of the show this is such a cool and unique item to have in your collection!


All of these items are so unique and the variety of products available is so cool! What are your favorite Stranger Things inspired items? Let us know in the comments!
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