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Finding the Perfect Tapestry

Ah yes, the new year! The infamous time to trade bottles for books is when you’re moving out of the comfort and privilege of your own home and into the uncomfortable and misfortunate foreign country we call college. Not to worry, as we’re going through 5 things to consider when looking for the perfect tapestry to make things feel a bit more tranquil.

1. Personal Style

Your personal style plays a predominant role in picking out the perfect tapestry, as your personal style is what’s going to be reflecting off of the image. Before looking at pictures online of tapestries you might like, take a moment to yourself and ask “What do I like? What do I want to see?” as that’s going to be the blueprint of finding the perfect tapestry. For example: think of where you grew up, places you’d go on the weekends, colors you thought were electrifying! All these components are going to mix together and soon enough you’re going to have an overall idea of the style you want your tapestry to feel like. 

When you’ve discovered the feel of what your tapestry is going to be you can start thinking of how you want to feel in the future. Tapestries can be pretty big so if somethings going to be in your face all day everyday it should be something to look forward to. For example, if you want to move to New York in the future, a New York City or New York related image would be ideal. Another fun way you can make it completely your style is if it’s a picture you took or an image you created and printed on tapestry fabric. Also keep in mind your favorite time of the day, do you like the morning, the evening, night, or even dawn? These all go hand in hand when it comes to personal style and picking out the perfect tapestry.

2. What Inspires You

Once you’ve decided what your personal style is you can move on to what inspires you! These can be things, people, and or places. Now would be a good time to go through the web and start looking at a lot of random tapestries and see which one is the most relevant to you and once you find it start thinking about what it looks like and how you’d change it to be more you. When looking for inspiration it’s good to look at previous projects you’ve don’t or old tapestries you may have had. Maybe you liked your old tapestry but you want a more mature looking one. Think of who you are now and what’s going to inspire you in the future.

A good example of something inspiring could be a painting of a mural, nature, your favorite city, and the list goes on and on! If you’re an artist, maybe you have a favorite painting or a favorite sculpture, incorporate that into your search. If you like nature, a good tapestry idea would be a still image of the woods or a peaceful meadow with animals eating grass. Say your favorite city is Hollywood,  get a Hollywood tapestry! Your options a limitless at this point.

3. Bedroom Colors

Your bedroom colors are also important as they can determine whether or not the tapestry looks appropriate in that particular room. What you think might look good in your bedroom might look way better in the living room so it’s very important to color coordinate. Look around your room and look at the primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue, do you have any of those colors? If you do pick the color you see most when you look around again. You’ll start to notice you have a couple things that either almost match color or do match color and once you’ve found the main color of your bedroom look for tapestries that use that color.

Now take a moment and think, where would it look best? For example if you get a floral tapestry maybe instead of putting it behind your bed you could put it behind a couch and by the night stand with the flowers on it! Or even if you have a New York tapestry do the opposite and put it behind your bed and buy a mini Statue of Liberty to put on the nightstand instead of flowers. You can have so much fun with this part as it feels like a game to match the room décor. It’s also important to consider other furniture around you like desk, couches, bed set, and even the color of your rug. Detail is important at a time like this.

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4. Personality

Your personality should really show when it comes to picking out the perfect tapestry! You’re gonna want the tapestry to basically be an embodiment of who you are and to that you’re going to have to come to terms with exactly who you are which can be tricky. A tip into a journey of self discovery is looking through old Snapchat stories of yourself, seems self observed but you can learn a lot about yourself through your own phone! Look at pictures in your camera roll, what pictures keep popping up? Maybe pictures of your friends? Not all tapestries have to be a specific place or thing, it can be you and the people that make you, well you. This is the time to start thinking maybe I don’t want a New York, or Van Goh tapestry, maybe I want a tapestry of me or me and my friends or family! The options are endless.

5. Size

The last thing to focus on once you’ve got an idea in mind is to determine the size and placement. You can go the classic way and get a 59.1” x 78.7” and it would take up the majority of your wall, or if you want something a little smaller you can get a 52.2” x 59.1” which will take up just your space if you’re sharing a room. It’s also cheaper. Once you’ve decided on a size your last step is to purchase the tapestry! This is the most exciting part as all of your creative juices are flowing at the moment and you know exactly what you want. Once you’ve ordered your tapestry and it arrives it’s time to finally hang it up. There’s many ways to put up a tapestry so this leads back to personal style, are you going to hang it up the classic way against the wall? Or perhaps on the ceiling? Or if you’re really fun and creative you can hammer in the two bottom corners onto your wall and the top 2 corners to the ceiling. You can also always tape the tapestry with duct tape to see how it might look in those positions.

Are there any other clever ways to hang a tapestry? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on finding the perfect tapestry!

Mikhail Rickman

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