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Find Your Signature Scent Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Find Your Signature Scent Based on Your Zodiac Sign

My obsession with the zodiac has not been deterred. This time I am matching scents to signs to help you figure out your signature scent.  This way, you can put your best personality (and smell) forward into the world. You’re welcome.


Aries is fiery. We all know that. They are the quintessential fire sign, passionate and daring. They are trendsetters and they make moves. And let’s not forget BOLD. I believe the best scent to match this sign would be warm, spicy scents to match their spicy personality. I think scents such as cinnamon and nutmeg would match this sign quite nicely.

find your signature scent based on your zodiac sign

2. Taurus

Since Taurus is an Earth sign, they are grounded. They prefer stability above all else and are very money conscious since they provide stability in our world today. They are gentle yet fierce. Their bull-like stubbornness is unmatched by any other signs. I am going to stick to the Earth element of Taurus, their signature scent is patchouli. Patchouli has a strong, sweet and intoxicating scent. It is described as having a dark, musky and earthy profile. Sweet? intoxicating? Earthy? It sounds like Taurus to me.

3. Gemini

Geminis are fast. communicative, friendly and youthful! A conversation with a Gemini will be an engaging one, as words are the name of the game for them. They are ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet is associated with speed. They talk, eat, write, think FAST. They are the Flash of the zodiac. They love to connect with others. These mofos will wake you up. The perfect scent for a Gemini is lemon. It is light, fresh and lemon is known to be a zesty scent that helps promote alertness.

4. Cancer

Cancers are known for their loyalty, emotional depth, and sick parenting skills. They love helping their friends and loved ones.  They are known to be very intuitive, they are very keen at sensing the emotions of others. They are sweet and compassionate. They would be best paired up with fruity scents such as pears or apples.

find your signature scent based on your zodiac sign

5. Leo

This vivacious sign lives out loud and loves to live the good life. They are warm, friendly and amazing friends to have as they will make you are protected and loved. They are social butterflies, so best believe they have a long list of friends and admirers. Their best scent would be amber. Amber is a blend of rosin, clove, molasses, pepper, salt, vanilla, orange flower, and maple syrup.  It smells warm, rich, honey-like and a little earthy. Sweet mix for Leo.

6. Virgo

Solid, practical and reliable, Virgos are the zodiac’s backbone. They are sweet, hard workers and are thirsty for knowledge. They are always trying to take a class or workshop to learn more so they can acquire knowledge for their skills. With their inner constructive criticism, which they have constantly, they are very ambitious and can reach levels of success that others can only dream of. The scent that fits Virgo the best is lavender. They do their best to calm everyone else, but they must work on giving themselves a little credit.

7. Libra

Libra has a real love for balance, harmony and fairness. They want people to get along and for their lives to be in a state of chill. They also enjoy the finer things in and love surrounding themselves with beauty such as beautiful art or items in their lives. Vanilla fits Libra pretty well because of the sweet amora that is the wonderful air sign.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios get what they want out of life, they are very ambitious. They are also known to have the deepest emotions of the zodiac, ones they only show to those they deem worthy. They are passionate and to others, they can be mysterious and intoxicating. To the ones they love, they are very protective. The deep, rich scent of chocolate is Scorpio’s signature scent for sure. Nobody can get enough of it.

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9. Sagittarius

Independent and freedom-loving, The Archer is always up for an adventure. They are fun-loving and are not afraid to tell you what’s up. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. The truly live life to the fullest. Their frankness and need to get down and funky at all times may frustrate the ones they love, but oh well they are doing their thang and we still love them for it. A signature scent for Sagittarius is citrus: zesty and tangy.

find your signature scent based on your zodiac sign

10. Capricorn

Rounding out the Earth signs, Caps are persistent, determined, realistic, and disciplined. You definitely want them in your corner. They keep it organized, will help you get your life together. They are very sincere and want the best for themselves as well as their loved ones. If they point out their love one’s shortcomings, it is only because they care and push them as they push themselves. For this Earth sign their scents are basil and rosemary. Herbs from the Earth for the down to Earth Capricorn.

11.  Aquarius

These signs are the quirky mofos of the zodiac. They are original and strive to go against the grain. They love helping others, and usually find happiness in some sort of humanitarian pursuit. They can be the most outgoing and also shy when it comes to expressing their feelings and opening up to others. Signature scents include grapefruit or licorice. A pungent fruit which makes it hard to forget and licorice (which can smell Jegermister) Getting sweet and spicy with this sign.

find your signature scent based on your zodiac sign

12. Pisces

Bring on dem feels, because Pisces loves them all. They are true romantics at heart. Loyal to almost a fault, they will do anything for their friends and loved ones. They love to express themselves and are usually drawn to the arts. They are just happy to exist. They seek pleasure from life and maybe a little impressionable. They can feel lost at times in their own lives, but they find their way back. Their signature scent is mint due to the gentle yet pungent aroma.

Yummy scents for all! Good ahead and combine your personality and your scent withe the zodiac!

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