Find the Perfect Bookbag for College

A bookbag is essential to your college wardrobe.  It carries your books, laptop, and anything else that you could need throughout the day. It’s important to have a bag that matches your style and personality. Your bookbag should be spacious enough to carry everything that you need for the day. There’s no need to give up style for practicality. Here are a few stylish bags that are perfect to carry around campus.

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Tote Bags

If you like color, try out a tote bag that really pops. The bright color will be an eye catcher and will show that you’re not afraid to make a statement. You’ll be sure to stand out every time you head to class.

How to Find a Stylish College Bookbag

For a more subtle look that will seamlessly match all of your outfits, try a canvas bag. Canvas totes are lightweight, so they’re perfect if you don’t have that much to carry around. You can grab a canvas bag with many different prints and styles to suit your personal style.

How to Find a Stylish College Bookbag

For something super practical and versatile, you’re go to is a reversible tote. Reversible totes allow you to mix it up and better match your bag with each outfit. Your tote bag is also going to pick up some wear and tear from being used everyday. Once one side of this bag starts to look dirty, simply reverse the bag to start fresh and extend the life of your bag!

How to Find a Stylish College Bookbag



To add a whimsical, lightheartedness to your outfit every day grab a backpack with a light color or a floral print. The light, bright colors add a lively, cheerful vibe to the very structured backpack form.How to Find a Stylish College Bookbag


Bring in a high fashion feel into your everyday outfits with a super sleek backpack. A structured bag with clean lines and neutral colors will add some edge to your outfit and bring an air of elegance into your wardrobe.

How to Find a Stylish College Bookbag


If you dress very boho chic you’ll want a stylish bag with a retro feel. You’ll look effortlessly cool when sporting a large, not-so-structured bookbag around campus.

How to Find a Stylish College Bookbag


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