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If you’re looking for a place to buy your textbooks at lower prices, then you should check out This site buys used books from students, and sells used books to students at lower prices than you would find at the bookstore. You can find any textbook you need at the site, without having to navigate the bookstore or worry that it will be priced too high for your budget. If you realize that you got the wrong one within 30 days of purchasing it and need to return it, you’ll get a refund and you’ll be able to ship it back for free. I know that is something that definitely didn’t happen at my school bookstore. also has e-books that you can download, so if prefer using a tablet rather than a book, they have you covered. You can also rent textbooks too.


Why is it better to buy a used book rather than a new one? Well, one reason would be that it’s always cheaper to buy used books. Unless this is the first time a book is being used so there are only new versions, I always bought used. There’s also a good reason for using rather than the bookstore. If your school is buying the book for the first time, even if it has already been published before and used by other schools, you’ll have to buy it new because that is all they’ll have. But you’d be able to find it used (and cheaper) on the website.


Used books are also handy because you’ll sometimes get those editions that someone else took notes in. Sometimes the notes aren’t very helpful or detailed, but other times you’ll stumble upon the jackpot. Someone who wrote detailed notes in the margins and underlined all the important quotes. It makes studying for that class way easier, because you already know the important concepts. So don’t waste your money on buying a new books. Just check out to find used cheap textbooks.


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