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10 Tips To Find Cheap Designer Clothes

This article is about something I usually don’t share, as for others not to know my shopping secrets – but I thought today was the right day to spill my secret tricks! Below are 10 tips for finding cheap designer clothes, shoes and accessories for much less than the retail value! Happy shopping and good luck!

1. Sign Up For Kate Spade Emails

This is not an email you will regret signing up for. If you’re like me and have a bad obsession with Kate Spade, this is the perfect deal for you. Once every season, about four times a year, Kate Spade has an “up to 75% off” sale that only email subscribers are allowed in. Most of the time these items truly are 50-75% off. Below are some of the items I’ve gotten for 75% off retail value.

2. My Sister’s Closet

A store that is centrally based in Arizona, it is like a thrift store but so much more. Never have I seen better designer deals. Luckily they have some of their designer deals online here, but if you’re ever in Arizona, make sure to stop by at a physical location, as I’ve found two of my best steals here; a brand new Burberry blazer for $40 and a silk Henri Bendel scarf for $10.


3. Sales At Lucky Brand

The go-to jean destination, especially during sale season. Occasionally, Lucky has sale items with an additional 50-75% off the sale price. Why others don’t shop this sale, I don’t know. These are some really nice jeans that will last you your whole college time for the price of a Forever21 pair of jeans. If you’re ever in store too, ask if they have anything left in the back in your size. I got a pair of $10 jeans this way. (The nearest Lucky Brand from Purdue is at the Keystone Fashion Mall in Indianapolis, IN; 1 hour away.)


4. DSW (For Designer Brands On Sale)

It may take some hunting, but if you truly look, there are some really great deals in stores and online. You just have to be willing to spend a little time searching. I’ve found Steve Madden boots, Nikes, and Tevas all under $40. (The nearest DSW from Purdue is at Clay Terrace in Carmel, IN; 1 hour away.)


Tevas; $30                                                              Nikes; $40

Steve Madden; $30

5. Check Facebook

I know this may be non-designer related, but this is the perfect place to find nice dorm stuff for your dorm at Purdue. Join some surrounding areas’ garage sale groups and search away for all your dorm needs. Fitbits and Keurigs are popular among these, because most people who put them online used them only a few times and are looking to get rid of them. I got a Fitbit and a Keurig, both for $30! (Here is the link for the Purdue Garage Sale Group too.)


6. Check Poshmark

Also a hunting ground that you need to browse a bit for deals. Perfect if you have a bit of time on your hands and you know what you’re looking for. Poshmark is kind of like Facebook in that you can look for clothes people used maybe once or twice but couldn’t resell at full value. Or if you’re lucky, their are some items with brand new tags still on at half the price. Here is my Poshmark page too.

7. Urban Outfitters Online

Although not a true designer store, I refuse to go in-store or online buying full price items unless it’s for a special occasion. We all have a bad obsession with Urban, but I’ve found if you find something you love in the store, more often times than not it will eventually go on sale. Here are tips to finding what you want on sale at Urban:

  1. Keep those items in your saved for later section of the app and check back maybe once a week to see if it went on sale.
  2. Watch the sales, you’ll be more lucky online than in-store
  3. Check the sale section often. It has been my best friend for finding deals
  4. Check the in-store location closest to Purdue (At the Keystone Fashion Mall in Indianapolis, IN; 1 hour away.)

Below are the best deals I’ve found with the prices included.


80s Style Jacket; $20                                                                        Dress; $10 (Originally $180)

Bikini Bottoms; $10 (Originally $50)

8. The Anniversary Sale At Nordstrom

Go to the Anniversary Sale. You’ll thank me later. Prom dresses, special occasion dresses, shoes, and designer for up to half off.

See Also
  1. Go around December for semi-formal or formal dresses. My junior prom dress was $30 because I went in during December sale season.
  2. The Anniversary Sale is the perfect time to find designer items.
  3. Spring time is the best time for semi-formal dresses and sandals for the best deals.

Some of my best finds are below. (The nearest Nordstrom is at the Keystone Fashion Mall in Indianapolis, IN; 1 hour away)


9. Search Amazon

Amazon truly is the best place to find everything if you know what you’re looking for. Amazon is more of a place to find dorm items especially for Purdue students. We have an Amazon store in the Union so anything you buy has same day shipping to the Union. I highly recommend Amazon Prime while at Purdue as well.

10. Go To Thrift Stores

My greatest advice at finding cheap designer clothes is hitting the thrift stores. Some think this is often times a hoax, but if you’re in it for the long haul, you will definitely find something. As for the places I find the best designer deals, that is a discussion for another place and time.


Rag And Bone Jeans; $10, Urban Outfitters Top; $5


Lilly Pulitzer Dress; $10


Yves Saint Laurent Purse; $5
What are some ways you find cheap designer clothes? Let us know in the comments!
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