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Finals Must-Haves You’ll Need To Survive Studying

The scholastic boogey man–final exams–will be here before you know it, and chances are you’ll need some help studying. Here are some finals must-haves that will aid you in your quest to simply make it through the worst part of the academic calendar. Good luck and Godspeed!

1. A Good Backpack

One of the most important practices for good study habits is organization. A cluttered workspace means a cluttered mind. If you don’t have an efficient way of carrying all of your study materials, you’re going to have a problem. 

Chances are high that by the time finals actually roll around, you’ll already have a backpack, but here’s just one suggestion for a cheap, versatile bag that can can fit your laptop. It also has a USB charging port. It’s simple design and customizable colors mean you can easily match your bag with your outfit as well. Don’t overthink your backpack. Save that brainpower for finals.

Buy it here:

2. A Cheap, Versatile Laptop

Once again, by this time in the semester, you’ve probably already got your laptop needs covered. However, if by chance you don’t, or your current laptop just bit the dust and you need a quick replacement, here’s a great option for you.

This 2-in-1 laptop and tablet is reliable and easily portable. It’s probably not the move for someone who writes code or edits videos all day, but if you have relatively light computation requirements and are in a pinch, this is a great option.

Buy it here:

3. A Reliable Notebook

Actually writing things down with your own, human hands may seem obsolete, but it shouldn’t be. There’s something about tactile pen and paper that really facilitates the learning process, and you’re going to need a nice, sturdy notebook. When you’re struggling with your finals, you’re going to want a notebook that can withstand being chucked against a wall.

Buy it here:

4. Colorful Pens

You need something to pair with your trusty notebook, and pens are just easier to write with than pencils. Sure you can’t erase, but isn’t crossing something out more satisfying?

Opting for a set with many colors can be a great boon to your studies, as color-coding your notes can be an invaluable learning and organization tool.

Buy them here:

5. Flash Drives

It’s 2021, you won’t always be writing things down on pen and paper. You’re going to need to organize your files, and for the love of God, make sure your files are backed up! Finals are stressful enough as it is; you don’t need to add more anxiety on top of it all.

Imagine you’ve just finished your final paper. It was 20 pages about “The Great Gatsby” and not a single word was about Leo DiCaprio, but you did it. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, your computer kicks the bucket for good. Did you back up your files on a flash drive?

Buy it here:

6. A Big Ol’ Cup

When you’re locked in, studying as hard you can, you’re going to need to stay hydrated, and you’re not going to want to get up for refills all the time. That’s where this monster comes in. Regardless of what you’re drinking, it’ll keep it right at the desired temperature. Sip slowly and gradually from your straw, and your drink will last you for countless hours of learning.

Buy it here:

7. Gum

This may sound like a silly suggestion, but chewing some gum can really help you focus, and sometimes people can use a reminder of how good gum can actually be. It’s one of those things that you don’t really think about much. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I’d suggest a simple flavor like peppermint. You want it to taste good, but not too good. You still want to stay focused, after all.

Buy it here:

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8. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

You’re going to need to tune out the world. Regardless of your study location, there are bound to be distractions nearby. If you can’t get in the zone, your studying just isn’t going to be as efficient. Work smarter, not harder. When it comes to picking out a pair, it can be tricky. It’s easy to want to go for the most expensive pairs because they have to be the best, right? Well, whether they are or not, there’s a good chance they’ll be out of your price range anyway. Here’s a good, relatively cheap option that will do the trick without breaking the bank.

Buy them here:

9. A Good Pillow

It’s critical to not underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. If you’re forcing yourself to pull all-nighters, you’re sabotaging yourself. If you’re trying to get your beauty sleep every night but failing, your pillow might have something to do with it. This particular pillow was named the best overall pillow by, so it must be good, right?

Buy it here:

10. A Source Of Caffeine

Here’s an entry that’s really a proxy for whatever your particular caffeine source of choice is. If you’re a coffee person, then head to Starbucks. If you’re all about Monster Energy, strap on that flat-billed hat and hit up the 7-Eleven. If those aren’t doing it for you, it could be worth giving the 5-hour Tea a shot. It can’t be bad for you if it’s tea, right? Plus, the placebo effect shouldn’t be underestimated. You might just be able to concentrate better knowing that you put something in your body.

Buy it here:

11. The Right Candle

Candles are incredibly underrated and it’s laughable that they’re considered to be so traditionally feminine. Fellas, is it not manly to have your room smell like pumpkin pie all the time? A more subtle scent is probably better for your intents and purposes, but there’s no doubt that a candle can really set any mood. Burning a candle can add such a calming aura to the room, and a pleasing smell for your senses. Treat yourself.

Buy it here:

There you have some of the most essential finals must-haves. It’s crucial to be as well prepared as possible, but it’s equally important to make sure you take care of yourself. What are some things you can’t live without when finals roll around? Let us know!

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