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10 Film Scores To Listen To While Studying

10 Film Scores To Listen To While Studying

Want to feel like you studying is part of a film plot (and make studying a little less dreadful)? Here are 10 film scores to listen to while studying!
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I don’t know about you but I absolutely cannot work in silence. When I am studying, I of course listen to music and let me tell you, listening to film scores just makes the dread of having to study a little less awful. Want to feel like you studying is part of a film plot? Here are 10 film scores to listen to while studying!

1. Dope

If you are like me and can listen to music with words, try this soundtrack it’s pretty chill for the most part. There are some up-tempo songs but they hype me up during my study flow.

2. Cloud Atlas

One of my favorite movies, I recommend Cloud Atlas Sextet.


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3. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

There is something special about the musical vibes this soundtrack gives off!



4. X-Men

It’s vague because all the movies have a great film score, so take your pick. Definitely makes writing those papers feel as if you’re saving the world! Maybe? Hopefully.

5. Suicide Squad

If I am not mistaken, this soundtrack had some good chatter about it and it’s hard to see otherwise.


6. Her

Super chill, the perfect background music to keep you calm during your studies.


7. Inherent Vice

Try Les Fleurs and Sukiyaki

8. Palo Alto

Just another reason to love Devonte Hynes aka Blood Orange

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9. Guardians of The Galaxy

Listen to either Awesome Mix Vol. 1 or the official movie soundtrack, whatever is applicable to your study mood.


10. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Just listen to it!

I can honestly go on with film scores that are perfect for studying and other activities! Some of the more popular film scores were made possible by John Williams, Star Wars (among other film scores) and Hans Zimmer, Inception. Couldn’t leave those out, but if there are any other soundtracks that I missed let me know below and I’ll give them a listen!

What are some other cool film scores to listen to while studying? Comment below!
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