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10 Fictional TV Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

10 Fictional TV Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

Ever since I was younger I have loved watching TV shows and fantasizing over having a relationship like the ones shown on the screen. I mean fictional TV men are just better than the ones in real life, am I right? Here are some of the best fictional TV couples (in no particular order) that have ever existed. They actually make me believe that good men do exist! 

1. Seth and Summer (“The O.C.”) 

Why is it so hard to find a NJB (Nice Jewish Boy) in this day and age? Seth Cohen is literally my dream man. He is hilarious, passionate, and intelligent. Plus, he created Chrismukkah! Seth loved Summer since they were kids and he FINALLY w0n her over. He literally named his sailboat after her…so adorable. They had such a playful, fun relationship, but when times got tough they were still always there for each other. Although Summer and Seth didn’t have that much in common at first, they both took the time to learn each other’s interests and passions, which is an important part of a healthy relationship. They did so much to keep each other happy! Seth and Summer were one of the many great parts of “The O.C.” 

10 Fictional TV Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

2. Nathan and Haley (“One Tree Hill”)

Out of all the couples listed, this one probably is my favorite. Nathan and Haley are truly a power couple and watching their relationship actually helped me cope with my own breakup. Nathan was not a good guy when he met Haley, but she really did help him become the best version of himself. They both supported each other through Nathan’s basketball career and Haley’s singing. Haley and Nathan would do anything for each other even if that meant sacrificing something to be with each other. No matter how many obstacles they faced and there were a lot, their love for each other never wavered. “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” Nathan Scott will make you see the type of man that you should strive for. 

10 Fictional TV Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

3. Felicity and Ben (“Felicity”)

I watched “Felicity” before I went to college, but so far my college experience has been nothing like Felicity’s unfortunately. So I don’t really approve of a girl choosing a college based on the guy she likes but has never talked to besides him signing her yearbook. However, Felicity and Ben did really fall in love and became a great couple. Not going to lie, Ben did screw up a lot in the relationship, but he was amazing at big romantic gestures to win back Felicity.  They both supported each other’s careers, which is pretty important. Despite all of their mistakes, Ben always would do anything to show how much he loved Felicity. 

10 Fictional TV Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

4. Pacey and Joey (“Dawson’s Creek”)

Although sometimes I wanted to strangle my TV over how many times Joey kept changing her mind between Dawson and Pacey, “Dawson’s Creek” was still a good show that had lots of drama and romance. In my opinion, Pacey and Joey made a better couple. Pacey started the show as an immature boy, but over the course of the series we learned how kindhearted, smart, and romantic he really was. Pacey and Joey also had a playful relationship where they would often tease one another. To me, joking around in a relationship is a good way for you to connect as a couple. Joey had a tough home life, but Pacey was always there for her no matter if they were together or not. 

10 Fictional TV Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

5. Rafael and Jane (“Jane The Virgin”)

Imagine how weird it would be to accidentally be artificially inseminated with another man’s baby who you don’t even know. Well, it happened to Jane…There is a ton of debate on whether Jane belonged with Michael or Rafael. Honestly, Rafael and Jane made a great couple together. Although the pregnancy was a surprise for both parties, Rafael and Jane both became amazing parents. When Rafael and Jane weren’t a couple, he still made an effort to do the best co-parenting and they seemed to make it work. Plus, Rafael and Jane’s mother and grandmother all had good relationships with each other and Rafael would do anything for Jane’s family (swoons). Also, Rafael was pretty good at the big romantic gestures as well. 

10 TV Fictional Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

6. Randall and Beth (“This Is Us”) 

Not everyone meets the love of their life in college, but Randall and Beth sure did. Randall and Beth were the cutest college sweethearts turned husband and wife. Randall would literally do anything for his family and was the sweetest dad ever to his two girls. I mean if you grew up with Jack and Rebecca as your parents you would have a pretty good idea of what a good relationship is like. Randall constantly worries about making sure that his family is happy and puts them before himself. Beth is also pretty fearless and always stands up for herself if they are in an argument. They help each other become better versions of themselves which is all a relationship is really about. 

10 Fictional TV Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

7. Logan and Veronica (“Veronica Mars”) 

Who would expect the independent, fearless teenage detective to fall for the bad-boy son of a TV star? Veronica Mars was definitely one of those unstoppable girls that went after what she wanted and no one could stand in her way, but that didn’t stop her from falling in love with Logan. This duo worked together pretty well and Logan was always down to help Veronica solve another mystery. 

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10 Fictional TV Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

8. Damon and Elena (“Vampire Diaries”)

Another case of the sweet girl falling for the bad-boy, but plot-twist he’s actually a vampire. Damon’s character transformation over the course of the series was pretty epic. He started out as unlikeable and an antagonist, but slowly shifted into a guy who was willing to do anything for the people he loved. Damon literally would do anything to save Elena and make her happy even if that meant giving up his love of being a vampire. 

10 Fictional TV Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

9. Luke and Lorelai (“Gilmore Girls”)

I can’t believe we had to wait so many seasons just for them to get together and finally give into their amazing chemistry! Luke was such a sweet, humble man and Lorelai was so energetic and funny that they made the perfect couple. Luke’s sarcastic comments would definitely win me over. Also, he fought so hard for Lorelai making him even more attractive in my book.

10 Fictional TV Couples That Make Me Believe In Love Again

10. Lucas and Peyton (“One Tree Hill”) 

Did you really think I wouldn’t include these two on my list? Lucas and Peyton were meant for each other. No matter who got in the way no one was going to stop these two from ending up together. Lucas literally wrote an entire book about how much he loved Peyton. Also, that scene where he says that “You’re the one I want standing next to me when all my dreams come true” to Peyton is relationship goals. 

I hope men like these fictional characters actually exist, but I have yet to meet one. Hopefully watching these relationships will make you think of what you would like to have in your next relationship IRL. 

Do you love any of these couples? Let us know in the comments!

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