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8 Fictional Characters We Wish We Could Be BFFs With

There is nothing more upsetting than watching a film/series or reading a book and remembering that the characters aren’t real. What’s worse is attaching yourself to this character and their traits. Fictional characters are the worst kind of friends, because they do not exist. 

Yet, here is our list of 8 fictional characters we wish we could be BFFs with: 

1. Eleanor Shellstrop

Played By: Kristen Bell, The Good Place

Kristen Bell’s character Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place is one of those people that you hate at first, but grow to love, because they are actually like an onion. Peeling back each layer just shows how kind and hilarious they are. 

Kristen Bell’s portrayal of Eleanor Shellstrop is spectacular, as if she was written specifically for her. We all need an Eleanor in our lives to remind us to stay grounded. 

2. Linda Belcher

Voiced By: John Roberts, Bob’s Burgers

Actually, we wish we could be BFFs with the whole Belcher family, but if we had to pick one, then it would go to our favourite wine Mom, Linda Belcher.

From making funny puns to being that lovable Mom, Linda Belcher does not have a filter and always says it as it is. Preferably with a glass of wine in her hand while singing along to a musical. 

What BFFs don’t like singing together?

3. Gracie Hart

Played By: Sandra Bullock, Miss Congeniality

As far as fictional characters go, Gracie Hart is the one that is ultimate BFF material, not for her ability to make girlfriends easily, but her journey towards making friends. A feminist in no other shape or form, Gracie Hart is the BFF who would have your back and buy you pizza with your beer. 

Saturday girl’s night in? Gracie Hart would be there in a heartbeat. Just as long as it doesn’t involve any high heels or thongs. 

4. Klaus Hargreeves

Played By: Robert Sheehan, The Umbrella Academy 

Finally a character that is unapologetically weird, unbelievably funny and gay. The drug use and PTSD aside, Klaus Hargreeves is the fictional character we all want to coddle up in a blanket and carry around with us. He must be protected at all costs. 

Klaus is the kind of BFF that needs to be checked on regularly and will be grateful for your friendship. We all have those kinds of friends that need just that little bit of reassurance that we are there for them. 

5. Jen Harding

Played By: Christina Applegate, Dead To Me

The friendship between Jen and Judy is one that would make anyone jealous. They are brutally honest and protective of each other, no matter the price it takes. Jen, a fictional character that is perfect BFF material, is loud, has the vocabulary of a trucker, but above all, she is kind.

The opposite character to Linda Cardellini’s Judy, but it works.

She is the kind of BFF who will pick up her phone at 3am, because you can’t sleep at night. 

6. Eric Effoing

Played By: Ncuti Gatwa, Sex Education

One of the breakout stars of the series, most audiences were blown away by his openness to be unapologetically gay and his quick wit. Although shy at first, Eric is the kind of BFF who will always have your back. Because once you’re under his wing, you’re not coming back out (not that you’d want to). 

See Also

Fictional characters are just that– fictional. But there is always an Eric for everyone who is searching for one. 

7. Madeline Mackenzie

Played By: Reese Witherspoon, Big Little Lies

Usually, it would only make sense that the entire Monterey 5 are included in this list. However, Madeline Mackenize is the top BFF that we want to spend our days with. While our kids are at school, we want to drink wine during the day with Madeline Mackenzie. 

Ruthless, yet small like a little chihuahua, you don’t expect anything less from Madeline if it’s not loyalty and affection. She keeps her friends closer than her enemies, and it is the only way to live.

And hey, she’s the type to take your secrets with her to the grave.

8. Dina

Played By: Tiffany Haddish, Girls Trip

Although we would want to be BFFs with all the women of Girls Trip, Dina stands out the most, not for her weird method of giving oral sex (please watch the film– it is hilarious), but for her ability to make her BFFs continuously laugh with her weird antics. 

Whenever you need a pep talk or advice, call Dina. Whether it’s about an outfit choice, relationship issues, or you just need someone to take your mind off things. 

Dina is the kind of BFF that is your ride or die. 

These are our list of fictional characters we are still hoping to be BFFs with (there is a small glimmer of hope). What are some fictional characters you wish you could be BFFs with?

Let us know in the comments below!

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