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20 Festive Thanksgiving Care Package Ideas For College Students

20 Festive Thanksgiving Care Package Ideas For College Students

Sending a Thanksgiving care package is a great way to spread the holiday spirit when you cannot be home. Here are a 20 festive ideas!

Being away from home as Thanksgiving draws near is never easy. The homesickness runs a little deeper, the craving for mom’s cooking becomes more real, and the desire to see all your old friends and family mounts. For those of you looking to make this season a little easier for a loved one in college, look below for some Thanksgiving care package ideas!

1. Decorations

Waking up and seeing leaves and fall colors adorning your room makes life feel a bit more festive, homey and aesthetically pleasing.


2. Boxed Food

As odd as this idea may sound, it’s actually pretty cool. When cafeteria food gets boring, cooking with floor-mates is always a fun adventure. So send your loved one some pasta, potatoes, rice or anything easily mailed, because being able to prep some warm food will make everything seem a little more like Thanksgiving.


3. Sparkling Juice

If you’re daring enough to send this in the mail, this is always a great option. Sparkling juice is a great way to make friends, and it can make you feel fancy and more mature if you’re under 21.



4. Potato Chips

Aside from pre-prepared food, potato chips are the next best thing. Chips are common throughout the entire year, so the key is to find a flavor typical of Thanksgiving. Garlic chips could serve for Garlic Mashed Potatoes!



5. Potpourri

As much as everyone loves the smell of dirty socks – which lingers even after doing the laundry – it’s nice to walk into a dorm room and have it smell nice. Potpourri is something that always reminds me of Thanksgiving and the fall season.

6. Super Soft Socks

Chances are it’ll be quite cold outside by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Warm, comfy socks are always a great care package gift, especially if your loved one goes to school in Northern areas. For an extra little piece of home, wash them once before you package them so your student can smell the familiar detergent you use.



7. Cookies

There’s no particular type of cookie that is coined the “cookie of Thanksgiving,” but my favorites for this time of year are brown sugar pecan cookies. They remind me of eating pie with my family after a huge Thanksgiving meal! Try to figure out what cookie would be your recipient’s favorite and see if it can jog a special memory.


8. A Scarf

Homemade or not, a cute, comfy scarf is always great to have for the walk to class. Even if it’s not an especially cold campus, scarves always make a cute accessory.



9. Travel Mug

As the season embraces colder temperatures, coffee or tea is a necessity for surviving frigid mornings and nights. Having a cute travel mug makes it easier and more fun to bring a drink with from class to class.



10. Apple Cider Packets

Apple cider has always been one of my staples once it gets cold. There’s nothing better than a hot cup of cider with some cinnamon on top! Send your loved one some little packets in their Thanksgiving care package – similar to how hot cocoa is sold – so they can warm their hearts this season.


11. Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is always fun to have around even if there’s no food to put it on. Don’t act like you’ve never eaten it straight from the can…



12. A Fall-Scented Candle

Another solution to the gross smelling dorm room is a scented candle. The best scents are in the fall – pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla – and never fail to bring the season indoors.

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13. Frisbee

A Frisbee is great because it gives a reason to go outside and enjoy the crisp, fall weather. Plus, it can be used year-round, which makes it even better!



14. Pumpkin Pie in a Can

The easiest (and cheapest) way for a college student to get their hands on pumpkin pie this time of year is most definitely through a can.


15. Blanket

Dorm rooms get super cold in the winter, and having a big fuzzy blanket to wrap up in makes it a little more bearable. The bigger and fuzzier the blanket, the better.



16. Old Sweatshirt

Again, the bigger, the better. Old sweatshirts are the best when it comes to feeling warm and fuzzy. And if it smells like home, that’s an added bonus.

17. Mittens

Having a cute pair of mittens makes having cold hands a little nicer, and taking pictures a little cuter.



18. Hat

Thanksgiving season is also football season, and football season means being outside in the cold to watch – or play – the games. Having a cute hat makes the inevitable pictures at football games a little more bearable.


19. Letters From Home

Throwing in a few letters from aunts, uncles and siblings will make being away from home a little easier this Thanksgiving season.

20. Stationery

Sending letters is almost as fun as receiving them, and reaching out to those we are thankful for will make this Thanksgiving even better. Send some stationary so you can get some letters in return.



Do you have any other Thanksgiving care package ideas? Let us know below!

What are your Thanksgiving care package ideas? Let us know in the comments!
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