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Festivals In Dallas That Are Worth Going To

Festivals In Dallas That Are Worth Going To

Dallas is a big city that hosts many different kinds of festivals. Music festivals to food festivals, Dallas has it all. With so many events going on, how do you know which ones are worth going to? Here are a few Dallas festivals that are worth checking out.

1. Dallas Taco and Margarita Festival

If you are from Dallas then you probably know the city’s obsession with tacos and margaritas. This festival combines 2 of Dallas’ favorite things for a one-day celebration of everything tacos and margs. You purchase tickets to trade for samples of food and drinks from over 15 different taco and margarita vendors.

 A $30 general admission ticket will get you 5 sample tickets for food and drinks and 1 raffle entry to win a trip to Mexico. A $35 VIP ticket will get you early access to the venders, 7 sampling tickets, and 2 raffle entries for the Mexican vacation. The festival also has an adult playground, bbq stands, and live music. All of the money raised during the festival goes to children charities so you are supporting a good cause while having a great time.

Festivals In Dallas That Are Worth Going To

2. Deep Ellum Arts Festival

The Deep Ellum Arts Festival is a free 3-day event that takes up most of the Deep Ellum neighborhood one weekend of the year. There is over 100 bands that play and over 200 local artists displaying their original artwork. There are 8 stages where bands and performing artists show off their talents. There are many food trucks and restaurants supporting the event as well so you can grub down while watching local Dallas performers.  

There is a wide variety of different types of music and art so there is something for everyone. There are painters, sculptors, wood crafters, and jewelers just to name a few. The music genres stretch from folk to death metal. There are also tons of bars in the area making it a hot spot for many party-goers. It is one of the best ways to explore Deep Ellum and understand the culture surrounding this artistic neighborhood.

Festivals In Dallas That Are Worth Going To

3. St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival is one of the most popular events in the city. It is also the largest St. Patrick’s parade in the Southwest. There are over 90 floats with more than 1,700 parade participants. The parade has a 2-mile route and takes place off the legendary Greenville Ave.

People from all over the metroplex come every year with some camping out overnight. It is one of the rare times where you can drink openly in public with some floats throwing out jello shots. Most people bring their own alcohol but there are many bars along the parade route that offer specials for parade-goers. Food trucks and restaurants also sponsor the event so you can need to take a break from day drinking and refuel.

Festivals In Dallas That Are Worth Going To

4. The Biggest Food Truck Festival in Texas

People say everything is bigger in Texas. This food truck festival proves that the saying is true. The Biggest Food Truck Festival in Texas is the actual name of the festival and it consists of hundreds of food trucks from all over the DFW area. There is almost every type of food you can image ranging from Mexican food to Thai food and everything else in between. It is pretty much a foodie’s paradise.

There is way more to do at the festival besides stuffing yourself full of amazing cuisines. Other events include an art show, live music, carnival games, and even live wrestling! The festival is somewhat like a mini version of the Texas State Fair. It is one hell of a good time and great for people of all ages. Just make sure to get your tickets early because the festival has a tendency of selling out months before it takes place.

Festivals In Dallas That Are Worth Going To

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5. GrapeFest

 GrapeFest is a 4-day wine festival that takes place every September in the Dallas suburb of Grapevine. Attendees are able to try a vast number of different wines from around the world. Grapevine is known as the wine headquarters of the Dallas Metroplex so it is a perfect place to hold one of the biggest wine festivals in Texas.

 There are 50 plus live bands and street performers for you to enjoy at Grapefest as well. Bands like INXS have headlined the event in the past so you don’t have to worry about stages being full of subpar local bands. There is even a film festival you can attend for free with the purchase of a Grapefest ticket. It is also all ages and even has a kid zone where children can play while you go wine tasting.

Festivals In Dallas That Are Worth Going To

6. Lights All Night

Lights All Night is a very popular EDM festival that takes place the last weekend of December in Downtown Dallas. It is now the longest-running EDM festival in Texas. A lot of people like to call it a rave, but it is much more of a festival than a rave. It features some of the biggest names in Electronic music causing EDM fans from all over the country to flock to the event.

The festival is known for its extravagant light displays and performance art. It is coming to see performers spinning poi (balls of fire on strings) while DJs play the top EDM songs of the year. Lights All Night is very popular with the younger crowd, especially college students. The festival also offers VIP tickets that grant you access to special viewing areas and an exclusive bar. Planum VIP tickets are also available that give you even more perks such as giving you access to the Skybox lounge area.

Festivals In Dallas That Are Worth Going To

Dallas is a busy city that has tons of festivals and events throughout the year. With some much going on around the DFW metroplex, it would be impossible to go over all of them on this list. Feel free to tell us some of your favorite Dallas festivals in the comments below.

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