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Festival Outfit Guide 101

Festival Outfit Guide 101

Festival Outfit Guide 101

With festival/concert season right around the corner, there’s no time to waste when it comes to outfit planning! Putting together a ‘fit or makeup look for a festival or concert is my all-time favorite thing to do—it really is the best way to express yourself, and you get an excuse to wear some crazy or unusual things. For some people this can be a nightmare–finding an outfit that isn’t your everyday look can be stressful. While I am by no means an expert in attending festivals, here’s a few pieces that will turn heads regardless of the artist.

Mesh t-shirt dress

A mesh t-shirt dress is always a good option–a lot of festival sites sell these, or site like Pretty Little Thing or Missguided. Black is always a safe bet no matter what the occasion, so I took a fun twist on it! You can make the dress whatever you want, but I chose to wear a bralette and high-rise bottoms underneath it.


Black bandana top

Not only is it simple while being bold, but a black bandana works as a hair accessory and a shirt! A super distressed light denim with a dark top and shoes is a win-win—especially for any Spring! Top it off with (of course) glitter, and you’re set. You can wear this look to any festival feeling on trend, and for a relatively-low cost!

Bright camo pants

Bright camo is my new favorite recent trend, and they stand out amazingly (regardless of the other assumptions about camo) in a crowd. Orange camo is my favorite, but I’ve seen other sites that have blue, pink, yellow, and red. You can get creative with it and pair it with a ton of simple tops–splurge on the pants, and wear a cute top you already own. The only issue with these would be the weather–if it’s super hot out, I wouldn’t recommend wearing these.


Chunky Glitter

Glitter for a festival is a must–but don’t ruin your hair or face and get the kind from a craft store! Trust me when I say that spending money on good quality face and body glitter is worth it. For starters, you can use it again. On the other hand, you tell the quality of the glitter is a lot better from something you might get from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. A ton of festival websites sell this kind of glitter, and The Gypsy Shrine also has a ton of cute stuff.

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Cutout Pants

I’ve seen this trend so much just in the past few weeks with Coachella going on. They’re definitely for the bold, but they also make a statement. There’s also so many variations of these pants for festivals, so you’ll never feel like you’re wearing the same pants as someone else. Again, weather could be an issue like the camo pants.

Fanny packs/body bags

These are the ultimate must have. The best thing about getting one of these is that you can use it again for concerts or just to wear around. Fanny pack is more of an old school term, but they’re more so referred to now as “body bags”, with the way you wear them over your shoulder. These are perfect because they don’t ruin your outfit, you don’t have to worry about it hurting your back or sliding off your shoulder, and it’s right in front if you need anything from it. Regardless of how you wear it, it’s a festival must.

Of course the whole point of attending festivals is for the artists, but putting together an outfit is the cherry on top.


Try one look, or try them all!

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