10 Feng Shui Tips That’ll Make You Feel More Organized

I’m sure you’ve heard of Feng Shui; you’ve probably even used it to jokingly describe your space. But what is it actually? Feng Shui is the idea that you should arrange your belongings and objects around you so that they exist in harmony and balance with the world around you. There are 3 major principles that fit into this concept: chi (energy), the Five Elements, and the Bagua (a chart used to keep track of the objects in your home). So let’s get started on giving your life more harmony with these Feng Shui tips.

If it’s a walkway, keep it clear.

You shouldn’t be bumping into objects on your way in or out of a room.

Put your sofa against the wall farthest from the door, leaving a few inches between the wall and the sofa.

The idea is to feel protected, so you want an unobstructed view of the door.

Make sure that your home is well-lit in all corners.

Dark corners mean neglect in other aspects of your life.

Put a mirror in your dining room.

It is said that this doubles the abundance of the table and brings good fortune. That, and people feel more comfortable when they can see what’s behind them.

If you store things underneath your bed, don’t.

Stuff under your bed emanates energy, and you want your bed to be a private place, quiet and peaceful.

A similar concept applies to having a TV in the bedroom.

A TV becomes the focal point of any room that it’s in. Because a bedroom is a private room meant for sleeping, you don’t want a TV to distract you and cause insomnia. Leave it in the living area!


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It’s better to have a round coffee table than a square or rectangular one.

Otherwise, you have harsh angles pointing at people and it disrupts the energy in the room.

With that said.

It is okay to have a square or rectangular table in the dining room as long as no one is sitting on the corner.

If you have big windows in your house, do something to keep some of that energy in the house.

Drapes or blinds are good, but if that’s not your style, put a plant or decorative object in front of the window to bounce the energy back into the room. These Feng Shui tips will make your house so much homier.

Remember that Feng Shui has a lot to do with the natural elements of the world: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Incorporating all of these elements into your surroundings will give your life more energy and peace.

What do you think of these Feng Shui tips? Let us know in the comments below!
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