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10 Feminist Gifts For The Strong Woman In Your Life

As women, we are bound to be surrounded by other strong and independent women in our lives that inspire us on a daily basis. With the holidays quickly approaching, it is time to assemble a list of gifts for all your loved ones, including your favorite feminist. If you need some ideas, we have you covered. Here are 10 feminist gifts for the strong women in your life.

1. Girl Power Necklace

This necklace will remind her of her power and her cause. It will help her walk confidently among a male-dominated world and inspire her to smash the patriarchy. Is that too much to ask for one necklace? We don’t think so which is why this would make the perfect feminist gift this season.

2. Jane Eyre Quote Pin

For the well-read feminist, this literary pin is the perfect gift for them this holiday season. Featuring one of the books most empowering quotes, it will remind the bookish feminist in your life to take charge of whatever endeavors she has present in her life and it will remind her to not let anyone tell her what she can and can not do.

3.Empowering Coffee Mug

Remind her of her strength with this coffee mug. There is no better way to start the morning than to remember just how capable one is to take on the tasks at hand. This is the perfect gift for any strong and independent woman in your life that inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

4. We Should all Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Every feminist needs a manifesto and this is the perfect one. In this book, Ngozi Adichie explains the way society conditions us to live in a male-dominated world through personal anecdotes. She also touches on the gender wage gap and explains that it is important to educate both men and women about the risks of  sexism in society. Another great thing about this book is that it shows us that feminism is intersectional and the experience of being a women happens to women across the board.

5. No-Nonsense T-shirt

Stop all the mansplainers from telling her what she is capable of with this perfect feminist gift. This shirt will let everyone know that she can do anything she sets her mind to and she could do it bleeding and even in heels if she so chooses. Let them know who’s boss!

6. This Inclusive Print

Every feminist will love this framed print to add to their house as decor. Depicting the fists of three different women in solidarity, it is the perfect way to remember that feminism is for everybody, not just rich, white, women. Feminism affects everyone including transwomen and women of color and different  classes.

7. This Inclusive Shirt

If you want to drive the point home that feminism is for everybody, this shirt is the perfect way to do it. Everyone can and should be a feminist and this gift is the perfect way to advocate for inclusion. This is a gift that will benefit everyone involved.

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8. The Little Book of Feminist Saints by Julia Pierpont and Illustrated by Manjit Thapp

Your favorite feminist will love too flip through this book filled with the stories of women throughout history. From Frida Kahlo to Nina Simone, this little book is filled with feminist icons that are sure to inspire anyone who takes the time to read about them. This is the perfect feminist gift for any feminist.

9. A Feminist Bookshelf

This bookshelf is the perfect gift for the feminist in your life. This is the perfect way to store and display all of the feminist literature that has been vital to her education as an intersectional feminist. There is no better way to display your knowledge and intelligence than with a strong bookshelf.

10. Feminist Phone Case

Why not let them display their cause on their phone case? Don’t be shy about being a feminist. It is not a dirty word and this phone case helps every feminist display it proudly. This is one of the best feminist gifts!

What feminist gifts do you plan to get your feminist friends? Which feminist gifts did we miss? Comment below!
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