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7 Feminist Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

7 Feminist Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Instagram is my favorite form of social media because I get the perfect dose of inspiration from my friends and family members as well as from the artists’ accounts that keep me inspired, thinking, and creating throughout the week. If you’re looking for more Instagram artists to follow who promote feminist messages with their work, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven feminist creators you won’t want to miss. Read on, stalk them, follow, and enjoy.

1. Amanda Oleander @amanda_oleander

Amanda Oleander is an illustrator who posts a new picture almost every day. The detailed sketches showcase glimpses of her everyday life, often revolving around her relationship. The sketches aren’t all rosy pictures of domestic life, though; they show hairy women struggling to shave in the shower, bad cooking days where everything goes wrong, women sitting in unflattering poses, couples picking at each other’s pimples, and everything in between. The art itself is quirky and detail-oriented, but it’s the endearing and honest subject matter that makes it so noteworthy. She also releases a select few of her prints every Monday and they sell for surprisingly affordable rates. 


2. Agathe Sorlet @agathesorlet

Agathe Sorlet creates illustrations and animations of a different kind, though they also often revolve around romance and powerful women. The fun-filled images rely on primary colors and simple drawings that somehow still evoke all the warm and fuzzies. With women of all shapes and sizes strutting their stuff, LGBTQ+ relationships portrayed and flaunted, and sexual moments proudly celebrated, her artwork unabashedly supports women and their sexualities.

3. Locher’s @lochersparis

Locher’s is a Parisian fashion brand selling embroidered apparel that challenges all notions of feminine acceptability and domestic bliss. With sweet bird and heart designs that say “I need a drink,” to a cute mouth design that reads, “Mama needs a goddamn cocktail,” the sentiments are as humorous as they are lovely to look at. Buy a simple flower design sweater with “Fresh out of f*cks” inscribed on top, or just support the page in general which frequently posts fun, vintage shots of women alongside sentiments such as “Goal weight: sexy as f*ck.” The account is playful, vintage, and absolute feminist goals.


4. Alice Skinner @thisisaliceskinner

Alice Skinner is a visual artist who is probably the most vocally feminist artist on this list, with all of her work accompanied by feminist captions. Whether it’s birth control regulation or body positivity, the social commentaries are colorful, pastel, and always pack a punch.


5. habitArte @habitarte_lojinha

Ceramics celebrating the diversity of the female body make for stunning feminist art as well as decor to die for. From pots decorated with boobs of all shapes and sizes to adorable pregnant belly pots, her pieces are carefully crafted, varied in size and shape, and endearingly cheeky. 

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6. Stillbitterdesign @stillbitterdesign

For a homegrown piece of feminism, look to embroidery account @stillbitterdesign. Identifying as a queer, non-binary, fiber artist, they create bold designs that showcase feminist sentiments. From simple designs that say “Feminist” and important messages like “Protect trans kids,” to humorous hoops stating “Venmo your ex-boyfriends for your unpaid emotional labor,” the hours of design and physical stitching that go into each piece are as significant as the messages themselves.

7. Alice Aedy @aliceaedy

Photojournalist and activist Alice Aedy promotes feminist sentiments through her photography Instagram account. Alice’s photos often link to documentaries and other major projects she’s working on which tackle environmental and human’s rights issues. Her work is as political as it is beautiful, and she’s well-worth keeping up with.


Who is your favorite feminist icon? Link their Instagram account in the comments down below!

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