5 Feminist Accessories That Kick Ass

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so last season. The newest trend? Wearing your beliefs on your sleeve. Fashion is always meant to make a statement, but there’s nothing better than making a political statement you actually believe in through your outfit. For all the proud feminists out there, here are five feminist accessories you can add to any outfit to not only look good, but also change the world a little bit at the same time.

1. Inspirational Tote

Whether you use a tote to carry books to class or groceries through the city, capitalize on the opportunity to spread a positive and feminist message. While the “GRL PWR” logo is a popular look right now, consider achieving the same bold and feminist vibe with a tote bag from the Valiant Daughter Collective. The canvas bags retail for $28 and ten percent of the profits go toward the Malala Fund which helps girls pursue an education and the career they really want. More female lawyers, astronauts, doctors, and politicians? All possible, if together we rise.

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2. Necklace With A Message

There are millions of feminist necklaces to choose from, including the female symbol, the word “feminist,” and of course classics with slogans like “smash the patriarchy.” If you want to achieve a more unique look, however, consider going for a less traditional and more impactful message. Etsy account activatedNYC offers a wide collection of feminist necklaces with important messages about calling your senator, voting local, believing survivors, and resisting. The prices go from about $20-$50, which is a great deal for such lovely, handcrafted activist jewelry. Plus, supporting a small and female-run business is a fairly feminist act in and of itself.

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3. Edgy Earrings

Take the phrase “eyes up here!” to an all new level by bringing your boobs to eye level. There’s no bolder way to say “free the nipple,” than wearing a pair of boob earrings. These fun feminist accessories are playful and important, but also offer a surprisingly refined look with delicate wireframes and a subtle metallic sheen. These are definitely on the pricier end with some pairs going for $60, but what better to invest in than jewelry that supports the entire feminist movement. Spice up a simple t-shirt and jeans or pair the boob earrings with a classy dress to really home in the message.

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4. Bold And Bright Shoes

A statement pair of shoes is always a good idea. Bold, feminist heals that scream dominance and girl power might feel like the perfect pick, but thankfully you can acquire feminist shoes that might fit into your everyday wardrobe a little better. Zappos offers a colorful feminist pair of flats for $72 which will liven up any outfit and maybe even a conversation or two. Plus, with such a colorful choice, the message feels fun and matches the rest of your closet effortlessly.

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5. Simple Socks That Don’t Back Down

Socks are a go-to way to spice up any outfit and can make a quiet or incredibly load statement, depending on how you’re feeling on any given day. If you’re looking for feminist accessories, socks offer a wonderful and endless selection. Plain white socks serve as the perfect political canvas if you’re not quite ready to indulge in a knee-high, brightly colored and often raunchy version of the feminist sock. Pick up a pair of girl power socks for under $12 at Etsy’s HandyshopStore.

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Do you have any favorite feminist accessories? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/420945896420733183
Lauren Hutton

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