Female Superheroes Every Girl Should Idolize

Finally female superheroes are no longer side kicks to their male counterparts. In fact, many of our heroines have been known to bring in the views, and become the highlights of the superhero movies. Not only is this a big step towards female representation in the media, but it is a huge enlightenment for young girls around the world. Watching female superheroes in tv shows and movies provides young girls extraordinary women to idolize. Young girls around the world have a symbol to be strong, resilient and powerful, despite their ethnicity or economic status.

1. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is one of the top female superheroes every girl should idolize. If you have watched the movie, you have seen that one of the main themes in the movie is gender equality. Carol Danvers fights her whole life to prove that she is just as good as her male counterparts, maybe even better. Whenever a gender obstacle appears, she pushes back and proves to the world that females are powerful and just as equal as men. Every girl should idolize Captain Marvel because she inspires females everywhere to fight for their gender rights, and not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Female Superheroes Every Girl Should Idolize

2. Supergirl

Supergirl is a female superhero who inspires females to be the best they can be. In the first season of  CW’s Supergirl, Kara Danvers explains that she restrained her powers when she arrived on earth as a means to help her fit in with humans. No one told her to ignore her powers, yet she did. When she is older, she is faced with a situation where she must embrace her powers to save a loved one. In this incident, she is happy and glowing with glee. Outside of the show’s context, you might perceive this as a metaphor for how women behave in society. Women sometimes hide their strength and power in order to be seen as empathetic and less intimidating. Supergirl shows females that they don’t need to hide who they are or what they are capable of. If you are happy showing your strength and power as a female than no one should stop you. Every girl should idolize Supergirl because she inspires females to embrace who they are.

Female Superheroes Every Girl Should Idolize

3. Black Widow

Black Widow is a female superhero who shows females that the darkness in your past is not a hindrance to the light in your future. Our favourite Russian Spy/Assassin turned Avenger was never shy about voicing her past or the red in her ledger. Rather, she attempts and succeeds to turn her life around by fighting for the innocent and those who cannot fight for themselves. Natasha Romanoff doesn’t try to change who she is, she changes how she uses her skills. The Black Widow is not your average superhero, and that is what makes her more perfect and fit to be an idol. No one is born perfect or pure. Natasha Romanoff is an amazing idol for girls everywhere because everyone has a past or maybe acts of darkness that they wish would be wiped away. The Black Widow inspires girls to learn from their past to reshape their future. She inspires them to believe that just because you have a past you are not proud of, does not mean your are lesser than anyone else. Anyone can change, you simply have to want to.

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 Female Superheroes Every Girl Should Idolize

4. Wonder Woman

Our favourite DC female superhero once again stole our hearts on the big screen by preaching to her half-brother Ares, that she believes and fights for love. Raised on an island without men, Princess Diana of Themyscira is the offspring of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta who was born to achieve greatness. In any depiction of her story arc, Wonder Woman leaves her paradise island – a sanctuary from the evils of the reality – to save man’s world. She sacrifices her safety and home in order to venture to a new world to protect innocents from evils they cannot fight or understand. By doing so, she inspires young girls that sometimes we need to make hard choices to protect the greater good. For this reason, every girl should idolize Wonder Woman because, not only does she project that women can be more powerful than men but, she inspires females to be as strong, beautiful and valiant as the amazons.

Female Superheroes Every Girl Should Idolize

There are so many female superheroes who have been represented in the media recently. Comment down below who you favourite heroine is and why? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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