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12 Female Role Models We’re Obsessed With

12 Female Role Models We’re Obsessed With

12 Female Role Models We're Obsessed With

We are all for strong, powerful women. Those who speak their minds and aren’t afraid to be entirely themselves with no fear of the consequences. Here are 12 female role models who should inspire all of us to be the strong women we look up to!

1. Malala Yousafzai

She definitely has to top this list of female role models because of her sheer strength and courage. She fights for the right to education for women and despite almost losing her life because of her activism she still stands tall and does so much good in this world. She is also the youngest Nobel prize laureate and rightfully so.

12 Female Role Models We’re Obsessed With

2. Amal Clooney

She is a highly educated woman who definitely does not stand in the shadow of her famous husband. She is a human rights lawyer who has taken on some very important cases throughout the years and who has made a name for herself because of her professional demeanor and intelligence. She is a strong woman who is also a powerful advocate for women’s rights all over the world.

3. Michelle Obama

Regardless of your political stance, it can’t be argued that Michelle is an incredible woman who has been very vocal about the importance of helping others. She has been very active in starting initiatives to help fight back against the rampant issue of childhood obesity as well as providing more care for veteran families, among others. She does so much to help out others and all of us should aspire to achieve her level of selflessness.

12 Female Role Models We’re Obsessed With

4. Lady Gaga

Despite being a highly talented performer, she is also an incredible activist who uses her status for good. From being an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ+ community to supporting homeless youths and raising money (and awareness) for HIV & AIDS, she truly is a role model for so many reasons. This is only mentioning but a few of the philanthropic ventures she’s partaken in so far because there are so many more.

12 Female Role Models We’re Obsessed With

5. Serena Williams

Despite the horrible criticism she has endured, she has remained a strong and powerful woman who dominates her game. She is a role model for female athletes everywhere and reinforces the message that you can be whatever you want to be and achieve your dreams with hard work and dedication. She founded a school in Africa for those less fortunate and is one of the best female athletes of all time. Overall, what an incredible woman.

12 Female Role Models We’re Obsessed With

6. Tina Fey

You probably already know her, and if you do then there’s a great chance that you love her. She is a role model because of the boundaries she’s broken in the once male-dominated comedy industry. She showed women everywhere that we can do anything men can do no matter if anyone tries to say otherwise. She was the first woman to be named a head writer for SNL and has had a long and illustrious career thus far that makes her someone we should all look up to.

7. Oprah Winfrey

She is a remarkably intelligent woman who has gotten herself onto the list of the richest people in America because of her hard work and determination to succeed. She uses this money for so much good, founding the Oprah Winfrey Foundation which is a free opportunity for education for young women who are less fortunate. She is not a woman who takes her money and power for granted and prides herself on caring for those who need it, definitely making her an inspirational woman.

8. Ashley Graham

A strong advocate for body positivity and self-love, Ashley Graham is a strong female role model for the barriers she has shattered in recent years. Landing the cover of many major magazines, a world traditionally dominated by very thin models, she is showing the world that beauty has no size and to love the skin that you’re in. This is a message that we all need to remind ourselves of sometimes.

12 Female Role Models We’re Obsessed With

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9. Sonita Alizadeh

She is an extremely outspoken woman who is not shy to voice her opinion on forced marriages. She raps about this pressing issue in order to get the knowledge of the severity of this issue out into the world. Despite the risks of doing this, she will not back down and has plans to practice law in the near future. She is a role model for women everywhere for speaking for those who often find themselves with no voice.

12 Female Role Models We’re Obsessed With

10. Cameron Russell

She is a role model determined to show the world that looks aren’t everything and that it’s who you are and what you do that matters. She is an incredibly strong proponent for clean energy who uses her position of power to spread awareness about climate change. She is someone who is not afraid to speak up for this pressing issue and organized a march against it a few years back. She should be a reminder to all of us to not judge a book by its cover.

11. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

She turned her life around in what was seemingly the blink of an eye and became the youngest woman elected to Congress in the United States. She aims to use her position to fight racial injustice in society, climate change as well as economic injustice as well. Despite her many critics she stands strong and advocates for change in the immediate moment. She is a role model because of her strong drive and her determination to stand up for what matters despite what anyone else has to say.

12 Female Role Models We’re Obsessed With

12. Emma Watson

Last but definitely not least on this list of female role models is Emma Watson. She has used her title as a highly successful actress to fight for good in the world. She was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and has been involved in many campaigns to fight for gender equality and empower women worldwide. She is a strong lead in the fight for equality and she is not backing down anytime soon.

These are just 12 of an innumerable amount of female role models out there! Who are some of your personal role models? Tell us in the comments down below!

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