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Female Fronted Bands That You Should Know About

Female Fronted Bands That You Should Know About

Female Fronted Bands That You Should Know About

Rock music actually has many female fronted bands, but sometimes it still seems like they are far and few in between considering the sea of male-only bands that saturate the market. If you are looking for some badass female fronted bands who kick butt in the music scene, then you will definitely want to check out the brutal beauties on this list. Here are female fronted bands that you should know about.

Stand Atlantic

Pop punk is still heavily dominated by all-male bands, but women are coming for the crown. Bonnie from the Australia based band Stand Atlantic plays guitar and sings rough vocal parts to prove to the boys that the ladies can hang. Singles like “Chemicals” and “Coffee At Midnight” are just a couple that showcases her style of melodic and raspy vocals. She will wow fans of bands like The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, and In Her Own Words. If you want a pop-punk anthem you can start a circle pit with, you need to check out this female fronted band!

Female Fronted Bands That You Should Know About

Icon For Hire

If industrial synths, pop choruses, and rap verses are your thing, then you should listen to Ariel (pronounced R-E-L) from Icon For Hire. Her fiery vocals and upfront song lyrics are blended together for a punk attitude with a pop flair. Ariel has singles like “Now You Know” and “Under The Knife” where she even showcases her love for rap with verses and bridges were she raps and sings. Fans of Falling In Reverse, Nothing Nowhere, and Linkin Park will enjoy this angst-filled music with a much needed female perspective.

Female Fronted Bands That You Should Know About

Tonight Alive

Australia is going strong in the female fronted band department with a second band that calls it their home. Jenna is the frontwoman for the band and she has a pop-punk style that has evolved with their latest album, “Underworld.” This album has a more sophisticated sound with heavy melodic parts and high octane singles like, “Temple” and “Crack Your Heart” where Jenna showcases her range and rougher vocals. She even has a ballad with none other than Corey Taylor from Slipknot. So, if you are up for an emotional roller coaster be sure to check them out!

Female Fronted Bands That You Should Know About

Conquer Divide

This all-female band is the epitome of girl power. Not only are they female fronted by two vocalists (Kiarely and Janel) but they also have a female drummer, guitarist, and bassist. They hit the hardcore scene in 2012 and have been crushing expectations ever since. Their melodic hardcore sound will satisfy fans of Dayseeker, Casey, and Pierce The Veil. Their singles “Nightmares” and “What’s Left Inside” show off the vocal chops of both frontwoman and create a unique blend you’ll be sure to love!

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Female Fronted Bands That You Should Know About


One area of the music world that is overflowing with feminine power is the punk scene. This next band is an all-female punk rock band with frontwoman Sydney, who sings and plays the guitar. Their punk sound is diverse with some songs having a more melodic sound and others with much harsher vocals. Their singles, “Let’s Be Honest” and “Daughter” showcase high vocal range, fast drums, and plenty of attitudes. These girls are definitely kicking butt and taking names so get on the train, or get out.

Female Fronted Bands That You Should Know About.

Female fronted bands are on the rise, and these girls are kicking butt and taking names. The music industry may be male-dominated, for now, but these women are taking over no matter what. Support these great female fronted bands and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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